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Non Profit 501c3 Organization

Let's Push Together!

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Project Description


  • ❖  Knowledgeable and friendly staffs: We are professionally trained personnel that have a true

    passion for helping the community and caring for the needs of prison refugees. We have proven

    that we are willing to go above and beyond to suit the needs of our customers.

  • ❖  Clear vision of the market need: We know what the needs of our prime targets and what they have been missing all these years, what stimulates them and keeps people motivated and in

    return will create very loyal, passionate and productive citizens.

  • ❖  Passion and experience of the founder will be our driving force to achieve our goals

  • ❖  The company will undertake extensive advertising and marketing, promoting both its name as well as a service offering.

  • ❖  Our Affordable price rate will attract more people to attend our event




  • ❖  The struggle to appear continually on the edge

  • ❖  Large costs associated with a start-up

  • ❖  Challenges faced with management control

  • ❖  Clear management of roles in the company (in the future)

  • ❖  Lack of a reputation in comparison to our competitors. This is due to the fact that we are still new in the market. However, this shall be addressed, as shown in the marketing section of this plan.

  • ❖  The introduction of new organizational practices and personnel who have not previously worked together presents a challenge to the organization.



  • ❖  The growing industry: In the last couple of years, it was discovered that there is a huge

    growing opportunity in the industry, which we aim to tap from.

  • ❖  Social bonds fostered by Patrons: House of Push services will build personal bonds and


  • ❖  Growing market: House of Push is a completely exceptional brand in the marketplace. A

    significant percentage of the target market has still not been introduced to these services.

  • ❖  New service development

  • ❖  Enter new larger markets

  • ❖  Diversify the business (becoming a multi-service business)

The present growth in the global commerce and technology industry may result in an increasing

number of companies entering the market. This may lead to increased competition emerging from a variety of given sources including:

  • ❖  Copycat services: Certainly, other services will try to mimic the success of House of Push, but we are confident that our proprietary programs will limit the impact of copycats on our bottom line.

  • ❖  A change in traffic patterns as they relate to the area where the House of Push is located.

  • ❖  Established market players.

  • ❖  New marketing strategies and tactics by established agencies aimed at providing specialty



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Non profit 501c3 Halfway house program for detainees and helping our area, remaining great and safe from our roads a charitable gathering of companions that offers care to recuperating detainees and dejected system.



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