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Noir IP

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Please explain what your company does.

Noir IP guards your genius.

Our name, Noir (French for black) and IP (intellectual property) reminds us that: our north star is an unequivocal pledge to help women of color protect, leverage, and monetize their ideas.

What we now know is that access to sound legal counsel during the pre-launch stage of a business is fundamental.  Contractual, ownership and even tax-related issues could stop businesses before they even start.

And it has been my experience that oftentimes women who look like me own the brands most affected by this truth.   

What’s the problem you are solving?

The problem, which we endeavor to resolve, is to bridge the gap between emerging brands and access to bespoke legal services.

Far too often, new businesses struggle to establish the proper legal framework before entering the marketplace. To that end, when excitement overshadows strategy risks are created, which can be difficult to overcome.

This is particularly true for new business owners. While we want to safeguard our ideas the associated legal costs oftentimes renders this vital part of brand-building unattainable. 

This is where Noir IP comes in.

Why are you uniquely qualified to solve this problem?

I am my typical client.

After building someone else’s dream for several years I decided to bet on myself.  I decided to bet on women. Specifically, I decided to bet on women who looked like me.

We are unapologetically committed to serving brands powered by women of color. I now manage an all-female business strategy and intellectual property law firm.  Our goal is to bridge the gap between ambition and affordable bespoke legal services. 

We are disrupting the costly law firm billable hour. All of our services are offered at reasonable flat fee rates. We have been strategic about maintaining a low overhead.  For example, we are a full-service virtual firm and it is our clients who reap the cost-saving benefits.

The proof is in the numbers. To date, 100% of our clients are brands minority and women-owned brands. And 90% of our clients have retained us based on the firsthand recommendation of a past client.



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