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I’m not ready to give up. I’ve worked so hard and I know there are beautiful people out there willing to help.

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Project Description

A dreamer or a visionary? My aspirations have always been to help women break free from the comfort zone and to feel confident in their own skin.

Just one year ago I successfully started my boutique have been able to do so by styling women in a perfect outfit.
Unfortunately for me and the rest of the world the tremendous weight that Covid has had could never be expected.

Being a small business and local boutique I have pushed to continue to keep my store alive with Continuous social media advertising, emails to consumers, sales and free domestic shipping. 

Apart from helping women find the confidence already within themselves, 10% of our profits go towards ministries that have helped supply food to families in need during these times. 

The funding I am seeking to keep my store open and thriving will continue to help not only myself but my community of El Paso Tx. 

Thank you for your kind heart time and support. 
May you and your loved ones continue to stay safe. 


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Owner: Marlene Medel
Located in: El Paso Texas 

Store front: 4935 N Mesa Ste 8 

Online store: 

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Just Because I Care

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