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Nail Warz needs help scaling our start-up! We are a new digital platform that will serve as the one stop shop for the nail care industry!

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Project Description

  • What is the mission of your company or project?
    • Cultivate the ultimate nail care consumer experience and service through innovative technology and convene the nail care industry (while offering advertising and marketing services for nail salons and technicians).
  • Describe the problem you are solving.
  • Problems: the nail care industry has many problems and holes in it. However, the Nail Warz mobile application and website offers countless services to address each and every problem the nail care industry suffers from:

  • PROBLEM A: Quality and accountability for the industry is missing. Today’s consumer needs help finding the best quality service geographically. If a consumer travels or is looking for a fresh look for her nails, she will need to find a new Nail Salon/Tech. Too often does she get bad or false reviews, resulting in mediocre quality. Taking care of one’s nails is not only fashionable, it is good hygiene and a health risk. The wrong salon/tech can cause cuts on fingers or expose clients to bacteria at an unclean Nail Salon.
    • The Nailee also spends a lot of time trying to research and find a reliable service provider using the current resources available (Google, Yelp, Instagram, & Facebook).
  • PROBLEM B: The Nail Salon/Tech struggle to build and retain clientele, while looking for new and creative ways to advertise and reach their consumers in a volatile market that is growing daily. The Nail Salon/Tech’s social media feed is constantly looking for new fans and followers. Nail Warz can be a hub for reaching new clients. Also, with low wages for the nail salon employees/booth renters, Nail Warz will put more people in position to be self-employed.
  • PROBLEM C: Today’s consumer has short term memory and is looking for instant gratification and a way to show off.
  • PROBLEM D: The nail care industry is a large market but there is a bridge to an even larger market; the health and beauty industry that has not been explored.
  • PROBLEM E: The everyday user needs a tool to navigate this vast industry and a platform dedicated to this niche market.
  • PROBLEM F: Biohazardous chemicals, vague ingredient labels, and hidden chemicals/materials are major issues within the industry. This impacts consumers and employees in the industry directly. 
  • PROBLEM G: There is a lack of transparency regarding innovation and discovery in the way nail care services are provided. Nail care industry participants deserve direct access to exploring new avenues of receiving and providing these services.
  • What is the market size/opportunity?
    • The global nail polish market is expected to reach $15.2 billion by the end of 2022 and will grow at an annual growth rate of 6.8% from 2022 to 2030 to reach $25.8 billion by 2030.

      • Domestic annual revenue: $2.7 billion
      • Avg salon: The average nail salon owners gross $67k annually    
      • Avg Tech earns: $33- $40k per year
      • Avg client pays: $91 per visit
      • 2018 there 56,3000 Certified nail salons in the US
      • The beauty salon trade is estimated at $20 billion annually
        • Projected to reach $716.6 billion by 2025
      • Americans spend $197.01 on beauty products on average
      • Women in the US spend roughly $313 per month on beauty products
  • What is your company/product about and how does it solve the problem? 
    • Nail Warz is a digital platform and data mining company, that will soon be offered as a mobile application, with products/services created to aid Nailees (consumers) and fulfill business development needs for the Nail Salons/Techs. Nail Warz will allow the Nailee, Nail Salons/Techs, and secondary participants the opportunity to save time and money in various ways by using our products/services. Nail Warz also has the potential to set and brake trends in the industry while building b2b and b2c connections.

      Nail Warz service/product solutions include the following:

      • Nail Warz MOBILE APPLICATION: The Nail Warz mobile application will encompass all products/services in one place on the users phone for convenience and easy usage. It will be the dedicated space for the nail care industry.
      • Nail Warz WEBSITE: The website is the current hub for all Nail Warz’ services and the source of information for the users as the mobile application is being built. When the mobile application is ready, the website will maintain all functionality and will be another access point into Nail Warz.
      • Nail Warz BATTLEZ: Nail Warz hosts weekly/bi-weekly virtual battles, selecting random Nailees to participate in online competition. This will cultivate a unique environment for the Nailee, boosting self-esteem and tracking real consumer testimony for future data sources. This battle will be the core focus of the Nail Warz rollout and brand introduction. Each winner of the Nailee Nail Battle will receive their next manicure paid for by Nail Warz and social recognition across all Nail Warz platforms as NAIL CHAMPION. Nail Warz will also host designated Nail Salon/Technician battles for them to compete. The winners of the Nail Tech battles will not be monetary but in the form of free marketing and promotion. Entry is free and easy.
      • Nail HOUSE (Review Space): This will be a review space of nail salons and technicians (services rendered) where Nailees can share success stories, testimonies, good/bad reviews about nail salons, services, etc. This will be a safe space for Nailees to help one another, discuss trends, and anything else the users deem relevant to nail care and/or a benefit to other Nailees in the Nail Warz community. This will share qualities like Yelp.
      • Nail COMPASS (Directory): Inspired by the difficulties that all Nailees experience when trying to find a reliable nail technician, the NAIL COMPASS will be a valued service directory and geo-locator for Nailees who are searching for a nail care provider they can trust in their area. It will be sorted by location, quality, specialty, price and customer reviews
      • Nail Warz SOCIAL MEDIA: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. will be used to share company updates, engage consumers, and much more. Our social media platforms will also be an avenue for our constituents to access our services, such a place where users vote for the Nail Warz Battles, provide compelling content, offer paid promotions from Nail Salons/Techs, and highlight NAIL CHAMPIONS.
      • Nail Warz DATABASE: All Nailee and Nail Salon/Tech data captured from the Nail Warz Battlez, social media, website, sales, market evaluation, etc. will be captured and stored within a database. This will then be used for business to consumer ad buys, B2B ad buys, promotions, marketing, etc.
      • ADVERTISING FOR NAIL SALONS/TECH: Nail Warz will leverage their database and consumer following to sell and/or offer advertising packages to Nail Salons/Techs or any secondary participants.
      • CONSULTING/MARKETING SERVICES FOR NAIL SALONS/TECH: Nail Warz can also use their gathered data and knowledge to develop unique marketing strategies to the Nail Salons/Techs.
      • NAIL WARZ STAMP/CERTIFICATION: Nail Warz will serve as the gold standard for all things nail care across the world. Nail Warz will offer a stamp for Nail Salons/Techs to pay for and have on their storefront, website, and/or social media accounts to confirm they are “NAIL WARZ CERTIFIED”. Similar to an FDA approval, being Nail Warz certified will ensure the Nailee that the holder of the stamp is high-quality and trustworthy.
      • LOYALTY/REWARDS Program: Our website and mobile application will offer users an opportunity to join our Royalty Program, which will offer compelling content, company updates, and any premiums that the company can offer users separate from services mentioned above. Nail Warz will work with participating Nail Salons to allow for Nailee check-in at a nail salon (via iPad or Tablet).
      • NAIL WARZ ARTISTS: Nail Warz will go into a form of business management or representation, where we will sign nail technicians/artists to provide nail care services under the Nail Warz name. 
      • NAIL WARZ SALON/SHOP: In addition to the stamp of approval that nail salons and nail techs will gain with obtaining their NAIL WARZ CERTIFICATION, Nail Warz will explore opening a nail salon of its own in certain major markets.
    • Nail Warz will be operating primarily in the nail care industry, but it will inevitably branch into the health and beauty industry overall, benefitting both consumers and businesses. Our mobile application/online service will serve the entire USA, with great potential to grow internationally. Nail Warz will be an innovative and successful product because it is the first designated platform/mobile application of its kind, bringing multiple services under one umbrella. Nail Warz will focus its products/services on addressing the identified problems as follows:
      • Nail WARZ: Problem B, C
      • Nail HOUSE: Problem A, C, E, F, G
      • Nail COMPASS: Problem A, C, E, F, G
      • Mobile Application: Problem A - G
      • Marketing/Consulting Services: Problem B, D, E, F, G
      • Nail Warz CERTIFICATION: Problem A, B, E, F, G
      • Advertising Opportunities: Problem B - F
  • Why are you seeking funding and how will you spend the funding?
    • Nail Warz is currently in our pre-seed funding stage. Currently, Nail Warz has a website, Instagram, and Facebook account with over 2,500 followers and growing and 3,500 email addresses. With seed funding we will focus our efforts on ad buys, working with influencers, and build out the NAIL COMPASS. With the proper funding, Nail Warz will take the following steps to grow the business:
    • Pay for month-to-month partnership with an ad agency (month to month)
    • Purchase nationwide database for directory of nail salons (NAIL COMPASS)
    • Purchase CRM database management software or cloud-based system
    • Continue to pay for social media and Google Ads
    • Paid partnership with influencers or celebrity co-sign

These steps will assist Nail Warz in dramatically increasing our following and open new opportunities to grow.

  • Who is on your team?
    • Just me, Danielle Luckett
  • Thank your backers and make them feel appreciated!
    • I would like to thank you for taking the time to read my campaign! I have worked tremendously hard to build out Nail Warz and develop the proof of concept. I am confident with the right help, Nail Warz can grow into the next household name for the nail care and beauty industry! I have only scratched the surface of what this company can do for consumers and businesses! In the meantime, please visit our website to see what we currently offer and how we are trying to improve and innovate the industry!


The Campaign FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • What is Nail Warz?
    • Nail Warz is a digital one stop shop for the nail care industry. We are currently online via where users can find a listing of our various services and products for consumers (Nailees) and Nail Salons/Technicians looking to grow their business.
  • How can a nail salon or technician benefit from Nail Warz?
    • Nail Warz offers many services to nail salons and technicians, such as our Nail Warz Certification, marketing and consulting services, and our Nail Tech virtual battles.
  • How can a consumer (Nailee) benefit from Nail Warz?
    • Nailees have numerous service offerings available to them on the Nail Warz platform.
      • Winners of the Nailee Nail Warz battlez can receive a receive a free manicure from their salon!
      • The NAIL COMPASS will be the geo-locator and directory of nail salons in your area.
      • The NAIL HOUSE is a review space of nail salons/technicians (services received), and/or nail care products where Nailees can share success stories, testimonies, good/bad reviews about nail salons, etc. This is a safe space for Nailees to help one another, discuss trends, and anything else the user deems relevant to the nail care community. 



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Nail Warz Social Media Shoutout

Thank you for your purchasing this reward! With your help, we are growing the Nail Warz brand name! As a thank you, we will shout your out on our social media platforms as a supporter of the Nail Warz dream!

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