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My mobile boutique dream

Helping me build and launch my mobile boutique! Where I will only use and sell products made in the USA

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To build and launch my mobile boutique, so that I can take my new clothing line "307 Diva" with me everywhere! My clothing line was first thought of, modeled and then brought to life because of my youngest daughter Mariahn. Born and raised in Wyoming where mudding out in the hills, shooting guns, jumping off cliffs into the lake in the summer all part of our normal life! She would head out with her dad for some target shooting, and out shoot every grown man out there no matter what gun and I would get the pictures to my cell her proudly posing with her destroyed target, all dressed in her designer clothes, makeup on point, hair all done, eye lashes on, fresh scent of gun powder on her, awwwwww my "307 Diva" I would like to show woman out there you don't have  to live in Wyoming or be a tomboy to be a "307 Diva" you just have to be a strong independent woman who like to get muddy, shoot guns, go hunting, replace your toilet by yourself, but look cute while doing so. 

The market size is huge, fashion industry is a trillion dollars a year industry. We will always need cute clothes and accessories! 

It's about building self esteem, and proving independence! And determination! 

I will only use and sell products in the USA!! 

I was a teen mother, who gave birth to a baby born with congenital heart defect she had two heart transplants in her short 15 years of life here with us. I have battled drugs and alcohol I have now been clean for 14 years off drugs 4 years off of alcohol. I was a convicted felon however I was just approved for my expungement and had my record wiped clean. I was just recently diagnosed with fibromyalgia, so Wyoming winter's aren't going to be possible very much longer for me as they are extremely painful to my body, which is why I've opted for a mobile boutique! NOW I did not tell all of the above for sympathy in any way shape or form! As I don't want any help coming from sympathy, I only said any of that as a way to show you that I am an extremely determined person, and can accomplish anything I set my mind to! 

I am looking for funding as I've found a perfect camper to gut and turn into a mobile boutique. I will use the money to make a air conditioned, upbeat and friendly place to shop, that I can take cross country! I will use the funding to build my boutique, order in all my start up inventory, advertising, and website building!! I will proudly display on my mobile boutique, and gladly spend the extra money to buy products made by Americans, in America, to help keep jobs here!! 

It's just me on my team full-time, however I have an amazing teenage daughter, and my biggest fan my 8 year old nephew who are always by my side when they can helping me out!!

I also plan on stocking my mobile boutique with not only my new clothing line, but that of other women like me just trying to get started and just need that extra help to get our stuff seen by the right person! 

Thank you to everyone who supports my campaign, you are helping make someone's dreams come true with your kind donation! Even if you can't donate at the moment, pass my campaign on, that is the same thing to me! Paying it forward is something I live by, and that's what y'all are doing by donating or sharing, I can never express my gratitude enough! 


The Campaign FAQs

My dream was to open store front. However after a recent medical diagnosis and my body and Wyoming winter's don't mix I thought my dreams were over, trying to start a brand new small business, in a brand new town where you know no one just doesn't really work. That's when I came up with an idea! Making it mobile, so she can just come with me! I found a camper I'm going to gut and then build my mobile boutique, where on hot days at flea markets, fairs etc my boutique will be equipped with air conditioner, and a potty. So shoppers can come in, cool down and shop in a friendly atmosphere. But when I'm missing my kids I can pack up Litz get crafty mobile, and head home for a visit, and open my store where ever also! 



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