Minnesota Women’s Press 2018 Development

Minnesota Women's Press is the oldest continuously published feminist monthly print magazine. New management in 2018 has big goals!

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Project Description

A potential new cover look starting with the January 2018 issue. A potential new cover look starting with the January 2018 issue.

Minnesota Women’s Press is an independent, fact-based online and print magazine that amplifies the collective and individual voices of powerful, everyday women. For 33 years the publication has focused on women telling stories about women — activists, artists, entrepreneurs, authors, mentors.

Starting with the January 2018 issue, when long-time publishers Norma Smith Olson and Kathy Magnuson step down, new owner Mikki Morrissette will step in as editor and publisher. She is purchasing the living legacy of Minnesota Women’s Press, and with your support her team will:

  • Expand intergenerational and intersectional content
  • Rebrand with strong photography and interior design
  • Create an interactive website and social media experience
  • Extend visibility and voice throughout Minnesota
  • Engage the amazing women of our community with events

We Need Your Support

Another possible look for our 2018 Minnesota Women's Press Another possible look for our 2018 Minnesota Women’s Press

We need your help to reach these ambitious goals:

  • DONE!! Fund the Storytellers —  Our new online presence will feature diverse, paid videographers, storytellers and social media reporters. We will include cover photography. This campaign will help us pay for January, February and March content.
  • DONE!! Reader Outreach — We will distribute the publication to new locations. A broader audience leads to more inclusive perspectives.
  • REVISED: Events — Our stretch goal is to host a series of events in 2018 that brings women together in creative networking ways. We’re in the midst of talking to several co-hosts about ideas, but need funding to aid in getting these off the ground in 2018 in a coordinated fashion, and in partnership with strong grassroots women networks.

Why We Are Expanding in 2018

Women have long found ways to get things done. And there is no more critical time than today for women to use their creative and collaborative skills in community with others.

Storytelling is a powerful tool — lighting up the same areas of the brain that build empathy. Join us in bridging communities and turning dials by enhancing the ability of Minnesota Women’s Press to share the print and audio-visual stories and perspectives of powerful everyday women.

Learn more here.

The Team (So Far)

Future Editor/Publisher/Owner Mikki Morrissette is a long-time journalist, author and website producer. During an 18-year career in New York City, she was a multimedia project manager at The New York Times and executive editor at Time Inc. Custom Publishing.

Future Business Development Director Shelly Damm has 13 years experience in sales and account management with high profile clients of Ford Motor Company and Astra Merck pharmaceuticals. She devoted eight years to equity in education in Minneapolis Public Schools.

Future Managing Editor Sarah Whiting has contributed to the Minnesota Women’s Press for 15 years as a photographer, and considers the women she has met an inspiring part of the most moving and important work of her long freelance career.