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The Mentors Circle

Building a legion of successful black women entrepreneurs!

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Project Description

The Mentors Circle was formed to equip all women of color with access to quality mentorship. We believe that having access to leaders who look like us, believe in our success and can help pave the way forward will give rise to more women leaders of color.


Black women are starting business ventures at an increasingly high rate year after year and our hunger for professional success is not slowing down anytime soon. Knowing other women of color who are leaders in their field helps open doors to new opportunities and brings greater representation across the playing field. We do this, together.

Because when she wins, we all win.

The Mentors Circle provides supportive connections in the form of mentorship and positive community to help advance the career, business and professional ambitions for all women of color.

Problem Mentors Circle Solves

The most common impediment black and brown women face in finding mentors is not knowing how to ask for support or where to look. The Mentors Circle provides a place where women can connect and work with high quality mentors easily and confidently. Women of color share that they prefer to be mentored by women who look like them and are in roles they aspire to be. Working with a mentor will help solve challenges that are disproportionately faced by WOC, including:

  • The Wage Gap (On average, Black women in the U.S. are paid 39% less than white men and 21% less than white women.)

  • The Leadership Gap (Fewer than 3% of Board Directors at Fortune 500 companies are of Asian, Black or Hispanic descent)

  • Access to Investors and Funding Capital (startup founders, businesses with women of color CEOs get less than 1% of all VC funding every year)

  • Stress and Mental Wellbeing (Black women are disproportionately affected by higher rates of stroke, high blood pressure and infant mortality cases)

The Mentors Circle is a space where women of color can change the game and break through barriers an likeminded professional women who are committed to the growth and support of each other.

We Need Your Help!


  • We are aiming to raise $12,000 to provide 5 promising black women entrepreneurs with one full year of FREE mentor sessions. The first five years of starting a business are the most critical and without access to quality mentorship support, that won’t break the bank, new entrepreneurs miss out the necessary resources to jumpstart their businesses. This can result in lost time, money and energy. 


    We have on our team a combined 50 years of industry knowledge and insider perspective from the most successful black women in business who are ready to provide wisdom, guidance and advice to a new generation of entrepreneurs. At The Mentors Circle we are committed to making quality, structured mentorship accessible to all that aspire towards building their dreams.


    No matter how much you are able to give, we are determined to provide mentorship to black women entrepreneurs who need it most. Please donate today and put your dollars towards impactful change that will heal and transform our community.

Where will the money go?

We’re all about transparency and want to make sure you are not only informed on why you should donate, but where the money will go. Scholarship fund recipients will have access to a comprehensive lineup of leading Mentors that will provide high quality advice and business insight to black women entrepreneurs. Mentor sessions can run between $150-$200 per session. We value the time energy and expertise our mentors bring to the table and believe they should be compensated accordingly. With the money raised, we can pay our mentors thus helping to shrink the wage gap and promote financial viability for our mentors and mentees.

How you can give:

  • Donate to our campaign! We are raising $12,000 to fund our mentorship for black women entrepreneurs program. Includes one year of business mentoring for up to five entrepreneurs. 
  • Be a small business or corporate match - Email if you are interested.
  • Start a Giving Circle: Pool your resources together and make a commitment with 6 of your friends to donate and support Black women entrepreneurs who deserve access to quality mentoring. If each of your friends contribute $25, it will cover 1 mentoring session.

We look forward to keeping you informed as we continue to build out this program. For more information about The Mentors Circle visit, visit


The Campaign FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • How does The Mentors Circle work? TMC is an application based mentor matching program where black women entrepreneurs submit their personal and business information to be considered for personal one-on-one mentoring. We look at the applicants business goals, their story and assess their overall commitment to getting support. We select mentee candidates and match them to a mentor based on personality fit, background, and stated goals.
  • Who are the mentors in the program? The Mentors Circle mentors are a diverse group of high quality professional women. Mentors are hand-selected and vetted using a number of qualifying criteria including: high emotional intelligence, demonstration of leadership in her community, positive attitude, influence, # of years industry experience, recognition in her field, and a strong commitment to supporting and empowering other women of color.
  • What do the mentoring sessions cover? From financial advice, building a website, customer acquisition, marketing, branding to confidence and business leadership skills, we provide a wide array of insight and wisdom to inspire, build and take action.



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