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Mental Wealth access

As a mental health provider I want to secure a safe, comfortable secure space for disabled adults with mental illness.

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Project Description

  • The mission of our company is to provide an assisted  living facility to house disabled patients to include those with mental illness and behavioral challenges. The population we plan to target are adult disabled patients in the states of Tennessee, Mississippi, and Arkansas.

    I am a  mental health service provider that offer initial evaluation, medication management and therapy to mentally ill and wants to incorporate and expand to provide a safe and secure environment to live.

    The funding received will mainly be used to acquire a building with approximately 4 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. I am unable to obtain loan from a financial institution because I am a first-time business owner. My team include social workers, therapists, registered nurses, and I will be the services of a psychiatrist as well for any consultations.

    I know that we all have experienced or have someone close to us at  some time experience difficulty caring for our daily needs.  Our ADLs range from preparing our meals to paying our bills to driving to our appointments. I want to provide this service to others. I cannot reach everyone but wants to do the best I can with the ones I am blessed to serve. Thank you for your support and contributions as I continue to grow my passion of serving the underserved.


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Monetary Contribution

Just Because I Care

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