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Mella Salon Equipment

Mella Salon Equipment bringing salon equipment into the current century with style and technology.

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Project Description


Bring Mella warmers to market to support industry professionals in their day to day job. Spark a revolution in the beauty industry to update seemingly forgotten elements we work with every day. Evolve and expand these updates used on Mella to be applied to multiple areas and equipment in the salon and beauty industry through licensing rights.




Objectives over the next four months
September 2019 – December 2019

Bring The Mella Warmers to market.  Complete component sourcing, replacement and testing.  Finalize basic mobile application functionality and connectivity.  Preparation for UL or ETL testing pre-launch.

Complete UL or ETL testing and listing.  Resolve any unforeseen issues with initial launch for forward production. Define complimentary products. Define direction with The Mella Brand, avenues to expand and apply features to other equipment in the industry. Develop expansion plan.

Assemble additional team members to support expansion.  Recruit high level software and hardware expertise to handle large growth.  Evaluate overall team members and identify areas that need support.

The following pages contain a preliminary business plan designed to present the overall picture.  A full operating plan and budget will be worked out by November 2019.


Product: The Mella Warmer for wax and/or sugar hair removal products

CLEANLINESS.  All warmers on the market are made of plastic or metal.  Wax drips onto the warmer and over time is impossible to clean off completely. Leaving your warmer looking unsanitary, dingy and old.
TIME. All warmers on the market take 20-30 minutes to heat up.  Employees and salon owners must arrive 30 minutes early just to turn on the warmer to be ready for the first client.  Some salons take the safety risk of leaving the warmer on overnight to avoid coming in early.
APPEARANCE. All warmers on the market even brand new aren’t very attractive.  This industry is built on appearance yet our equipment is outdated and unsightly detracting from the over client experience.

CLEANLINESS. Mella has a silicone skin that covers the entire outside of the machine.  Silicone acts like human skin and is naturally non-stick. Clean-up of any type of wax or sugar is easily cleaned off leaving the warmer looking brand new every day with ease. No need to buy a new machine when it starts to look old, just get a new skin.
TIME. Mella has an integrated Mobile App that allows the employee and/or salon owner to turn the warmer on and off remotely in two modes.  Schedule Mode allows you to schedule the warmer to turn on and off according to regular salon hours.  Manual Mode allows for on the fly control. Both modes eliminate the need to pay employees extra time to get there to turn machines on.
APPEARANCE. Mella has a sleek, simple and sophisticated style that only adds to the client experience.  Remember the skin?  There are 6 color choices to blend even better with the salon décor.

Mella is also the only warmer that accommodates both sugar and wax temperature ranges.  There isn’t another warmer on the market that can heat both products.

We intend on focusing Mella warmers on professional salon equipment.  This means any size hair salon, esthetician salon, nail salon, barber shop, beauty school etc.  There are over 1 Million licensed professionals in the U.S. { }

For decades the warmers that heat the wax and sugar products that professionals use for hair removal have not been updated. High end salon chains like Gene Juarez to small one person salons like myself have had no other choice of what to purchase.  These warmers are so outdated some have gone as far as to build walls to hide the warmers behind them.  Some salons don’t even offer these services because the warmers are not attractive enough to be on their counter in client view.

Spend $17.99 or Spend $199.90

NO Color Choices
NO Silicone Skin
NO Mobile App



Spend $95-$115

6 Color Choices
Silicone Skin
Mobile App