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Marjani is a beauty retailer catering to black and brown faces featuring people of color owned indie beauty brands.

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Project Description



At Marjani, we shatter the ceiling of everything the world says beauty should be. We cater to black and brown faces by curating makeup & skincare collections from across the globe by brands who also believe that our beauty is anything but basic. In our world, rules are meant to be broken, and real beauty begins when you decide to do you. 

Marjani | Black owned beauty retailer



We've created a retail experience where beauty and cosmetic products for "us" are accessible, no matter our shade, hair texture, age, nationality or geographical location.  We are building a community with those who share our passion and respect for the wide spectrum of beauty amongst black and brown women.

Marjani | Black owned beauty retailer



We are partnering with brands that highlight and celebrate our diversity and develop products specific to our needs.  We are forming a global beauty ecosystem linking our buying power to the best "brown girl approved" brands across the globe.

Marjani | Black owned beauty retailer





Meet our founder, who has combined her two passions, travel and beauty, to create a beauty & cosmetics company for women of color.


As an Ivy League trained attorney, Kimberly advised companies navigating the complex regulatory world of the health care industry, but growing up, Kimberly always had a passion for fashion and beauty.  “I can remember being one of the few girls who always wore heels and a full face of make up to class on my college campus,” says Kimberly. “Expressing myself through different hairstyles, make-up, and fashion, has always been fun for me.”

When she’s not navigating the health care industry, Kimberly is an avid traveler.  “When I’m on a trip I love picking up different finds from across the globe,” says Kimberly. “Whether it’s argan oil from Morocco, ayurvedic oils from India or cocoa butter from Costa Rica, I’m a natural curator of beauty products.”

In traveling the world, Kimberly has marveled at the beauty of women of color, “our varying shades, hair textures and physical features.”  But, she has also observed that those very special qualities she holds dear are often not reflected in society’s standard of beauty.  It is because of that, “our specific needs when it comes to beauty and cosmetics often go unfulfilled.”

Marjani is more than retail, it is an experience. This is a beauty destination for brown girls by a brown girl. One size fits all beauty is now a thing of the past!



We need your help to ensure Marjani survives COVID-19 and beyond. A business model built on socially connecting, having our doors shut for 6 months severely impacted our business. In March alone, we experienced a sharp decline in sales and had to cancel events hosted in our space which directly affected our ability to pay ourselves, contractors, vendors and our operational expenses.  But over the course of those 6 months, we like many other small businesses, shifted our model and focused on growing our e-commerce presence. We call it the pivot dance! Reports have stated that over 40% of black owned businesses will not survive this pandemic. We want to ensure Marjani not only survives, but THRIVES! Our tribe is depending on it! 

How will your donation help:
1. The Marjani Team- In just our second year of operation, we still run a very lean team. Funds will go directly to support the livelihood of our staff and contractors.

2. For Us, By Us- Our featured beauty brands are 100% small, minority-owned businesses. Funds will ensure we are able to pay our brand partners and maintain adequate inventory and grow our brand selection.

3. Everyone Knows Your Name- We know an adequate marketing budget is crucial for any business to be successful. We are committed to growing the awareness of Marjani. Not only here in the DMV, but beyond. In order for everyone to know our name, funds will be used to create a comprehensive marketing plan and execution.

4. Our Space- We need to keep the lights on. Lastly, funds will go to paying our bills which include rent, utilities, insurance, etc.

No amount is too small. We appreciate all of the support we have received since first launching online in January 2017. Along the way, we have met so many amazing, beautiful women and you all have confirmed that Marjani was not only needed, but it was our time. Help us to remain open now and beyond!

Thank you all!

Kimberly Smith

Founder and Chief Beauty Disruptor


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We'd love to hear from you! Email with any questions (or words of encouragement).



Monetary Contribution
Monetary Contribution
Just Because I Care.
(Every contribution makes this small business owner do a happy dance!)
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Monetary Contribution
Just Because I Care.
(Every contribution makes this small business owner do a happy dance!)
1 Supporter
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