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Where we visualize your goals and align you with your desired reality. Through painting or life coaching, all obstacles melt away.

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About Manifestations To Life: For several years I have wanted to become a licensed psychologist until I found the Law of Attraction. Since learning about the Law of Attraction, I have manifested so many things in my life including starting up my own business! I had the strongest desire to become a LOA Life Coach and aid people in their spiritual journey, so I pursued it. I have the strongest passion to teach others how to heal themselves and love being a part of so many people's journeys. It truly fulfills me and brings me into complete vibrational alignment with my own happiness. In turn, I radiate unconditional love for all those that come across my path. 

With a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, this allows me to analyze; people's behavior, their emotions, and their thought processes. Without hesitation, I innately can pinpoint the root of my client’s resistance and find out exactly what is your limiting belief in regards to your manifestation. 

With four certifications from Dr. Joe Vitale's (from The Secret) Law of Attraction Life Coach Training courses, I am able to aid my clients in their spiritual evolution. Together we identify the heart of the resistance and come up with a tailored method to help release it. We then work on shifting momentum to their desires by finding the right manifestation technique that will easily helprewire their subconscious mind. This includes a personal mantra, content relevant to that which will aid them in their journey, and so much more!

I also take a person’s manifestations and put them together in one spiritual painting, they are called Manifestation Masterpieces! Co-creating the desires of my clients into hours of my art will make it that much more powerful. A piece that one can look at every day and feel good about, knowing that it's on the way, and become one with its vibrational energy. 

With this funding, I plan to purchase social media advertisements, proper technology such as a camera, laptop, for webinars, video chat, YouTube and much more. As well as art materials such as paint brushes, water color, watercolor paper and more.

There’s nothing more than I would love then to provide these wonderful services to many people. All I need is the materials and a way to get the word out there. 

I am eternally grateful for any help you could provide. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Sending you light and love. 


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