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Project Description is a resource that connects fired up consumers with women business owners.

Women influence or control trillions of dollars spent in the U.S. annually. We have immense authority to use our money with purpose and affect change. MAIA gives you access to millions of woman-owned business across the country, so you’ll be able to do exactly that. 

For Founder, Kateri Ruiz, 5 of the 6 people in her household are female – 83%

With four young and impressionable daughters, Kateri and her husband started to ask themselves if they were showing their girls a world where women had equal representation–and could they prove it. They started to pay attention to the things they did as a family and came up with a personal challenge. 83% of the things they bought, the things they watched, the things they did, or played, should be done or made by women or be done in the image of women.  The result to date? Impossible. There wasn’t a single resource that helped her identify where she could find and support woman-owned businesses quickly for a busy human being.


From this brainchild, MAIA became a personal mission to raise awareness of women’s influence on the economy.

Women Are 50.8% of the Population

Currently there are approximately 165M females and 160M males. From a consumer point of view, population size is pretty big. Did you know that women influence or control 73% of the household spend in the United States which is valued around $11.2 trillion dollars.

11.2Trillion (1)

What Do You Value?

For us personally, we value gender equality at the highest levels of leadership, so women are involved equally in the ideation, creation and decision making so our products, our services, and our solutions have the potential to truly represent all of us.  If women are not equally at the table, women’s perspectives will not be present in the product, service or solution.

We want to show girls a world where women have equal representation, we believe every child should be able to self-actualize their greatness through their own imagery.  We want to be the change.

By providing this free Woman-Owned Business Directory, you’ll have access to 10 million woman-owned businesses across the country. This is your woman lens. Looking for a coffee shop with your girlfriends? How about a plumber? Maybe you’re a business owner and you need a new website development firm. Or, you’re a new college grad and you want to go work for one of the top woman-owned architecture companies in the country. The way you use the directory is limitless.

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The Directory

Envision a directory that allows you to search for your specific need – an accountant, a clothing store, a restaurant, a mechanic – you’ll be able to search by location, category, keyword, business name, or intersectionality to name just a few. Do you have an idea on what you’d like to see as a Woman-owned business or as a consumer/user? Send an email to

Whether you’re a consumer looking to support woman-owned businesses, or you’re a woman business owner, we ask you to join the movement and be a part of the MAIA Change.

Do you want your purchasing power to align with your values?  Is equality an idea, a law to reference when it’s convenient, or is it something we should be able to act upon and more importantly, prove. Our directory enables your women-conscious decisions.

What Does Your Contribution Support?

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Want more? Click here to watch the extended version of Kateri’s story

Special Thanks!

We’d like to give a special shout out to the amazing women who have helped us, and continue to help us, with our mission:

Sweet Jules Gifts for letting us feature you in our (extended version) video and for being our go-to for the sweetest treats. These lovely ladies will be shipping fresh caramels to you with your $100 donation.

Urban Growler our featured woman-owned brewery. Not only do these women make incredible beer, they’re also the primo spot for our Founding Member Party.

Peace Love Babies Brooke Walsh played a major role in helping us create a video that gives the who, what, and why behind MAIA. We are so grateful for her hard work.

Everthine Jewelry are you a Benevolent Badass? Aisha Formanski is the artist behind our signature ring. Wear this proudly as a reminder that you are an amazing woman–a true benevolent badass woman.

Sukhino Designs Taneisha Gordon’s handcrafted laser cut wood expertise created the exclusive MAIA Change coin – each piece being unique and never exactly the same as another.

Correction: The extended video claims that 6% of Governors in the United States are female. Currently, six women are serving as governors of U.S. states, along with Mayor of the District of Columbia. The result being 8.5%