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Maguire Shoes

We are an independent female-led company working to make high-quality fashion footwear fair and accessible.

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Project Description

Quality shoes always seem to be overpriced. But why? Why wouldn't it be possible to have shoes with an original design, ethically made from quality materials and at an affordable price? That's the question sisters Myriam and Romy asked themselves when they decided to launch Maguire five years ago, in 2017.

This is how Maguire found himself making his products in the same factories as the big high-end brands, but for 50% of the price. The secret? A business model based on transparency that completely reinvents the traditional supply chain and the customer experience of the footwear industry.

Collection after collection, our customers tell us: “Shoes of this quality at this price, you can't find them elsewhere” and this is Maguire's greatest competitive advantage over its competition. Indeed, the market is overflowing with low-end shoes under $150, and high-end shoes at $500 and more. At Maguire, our average price is $230. Few players are currently able to offer this quality/price.

The company designs, develops and directly sells original shoes and accessories for women made in Europe.

Its products are available only through its own points of sale, either online, in its two stores located in Montreal, Toronto and soon in New York, as well as through its pop-up stores. Each store has a large signature wardrobe in which all the sizes of the different models are stored, ready to be tried on. The objective is to facilitate the fitting in order to find the perfect pair of shoes. No more waiting for a sales consultant, or being embarrassed to ask for a size.

After working for many years for major fashion companies, including the Aldo Group, Myriam wanted to do things differently and made it her mission with Maguire to make high-end shoes accessible to as many people as possible.

Having a complementary profile, Myriam, who studied at the prestigious Cordwainers College in London, is in charge of design and product development and her sister Romy in charge of operations and marketing. The sisters are majority shareholders of the company.



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