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Project Description

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We all crave deep, meaningful and long-lasting romantic relationships. We search for love using all kinds of tools, apps and avenues.

We feel as if the hard part is over when we finally find what we’ve been searching for, but is it? Falling in Love is the easy part, Staying in Love is hard. Love Intently empowers us to keep the love we’ve found.

In the midst of our noisy and chaotic world, Love Intently empower couples by reminding them of the little things matter most. There are tons of apps and services that help you find love, we empower you to stay in love.Ifundwomen graphics-05

Current sources of advice and help such as books, retreats, magazines, websites, etc. provide generic, one-time help and they provide almost no support with implementation.

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At Love Intently we empower stronger relationships by providing you personalized suggestions based on your partner’s Love Personality™ –  how your partner best receives and gives love.

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Love Intently is your personal relationship guide – the Fitbit for your relationship

Top Studies have shown the quality and strength of our personal relationships is the top determinant of Life Satisfaction and Longevity. We believe and are committed to empowering our couples relationships for richer and fuller lives. 

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Love Intently provides you and your partner insight into your Love Personality™ through our assessment. Using this we then provide you with personalized suggestions (which we also like to call LoveTips) to empower you to excel at loving each other day to day via text message. Additionally, we provide support in implementing these LoveTips.


Our unique approach to our assessment and suggestions leverages both social science research on the relationship and practical experience to create effective and fun ways to strengthen our couple’s relationships. Our LoveTips or suggestions are based on 40 years of relationship science. 


Who is Love Intently for?

Anyone in a serious and committed relationship desiring to take a proactive approach towards love. We are not a replacement for counseling but a proactive approach towards love. We believe love is beyond a feeling but an active choice day to day. Whether you just started dating or have been married for a decade, we empower you to excel at loving each other day to day.

What couples say about Love Intently

“I loved the spontaneity of the suggestions and the reminders made it even more convenient with our work schedules.” – Adrianna

“Love Intently is a breath of fresh air each day. No matter how hectic or busy I am, the message reminds me how happy I am with Mel and prompts me to do something special for her.” – Ben

“You always want to do something nice for the other person you just don’t know what to do so it’s nice getting ideas and reminders.” – Hallie

Who is behind Love Intently? 

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Sophie Kwok is a designer, interactions expert and marketing phenom – her creative mind, natural affinity for connecting with people and instinctive understanding of relationship dynamics translates to a consuming dedication to empowering the way we love. She is our Co-Founder, CMO, CPO and our “Love Enthusiast”  😍

Here is her story: “Love Intently didn’t start with a romantic partner but with my parents. I had a rocky relationship with my parents growing up, and in learning to connect with them, I realized that our disagreements didn’t stem from a lack of love but a lack of understanding. I stumbled upon the different research around communication and decided to apply the framework to my life. By better understanding how people give and receive love differently, it radically strengthened my relationship with my parents. Although there was a lot of trial-and-error, I came to see that any relationship could benefit from intentional acts of love. The journey with my parents inspired me to help others strengthen their relationships too – paving the way for Love Intently.  Read my full founders story here.”

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M. Derin Raji is a master engineer, technologist and a Harvard MBA – analytical by nature she is obsessed with the research and data of the why and how we love. She is our Co-Founder, CEO, and “Love Scientist” 🤓

Here is her story: “It was 2am on Tuesday October 21st 2014, I woke up to the phone ringing; slightly dazed, I look over and saw it was my brother calling – I have never received a call from him this late I thought, and with a sinking feeling in my stomach I answered the phone, “Hey” I said, “Hey” he responded, after a few seconds of silence he asks me “what do you have going on today”, I thought to myself, no-one calls to make small talk at 2 in the morning, I responded voice shaking “Tell me what is going on” after a long pause ,he quietly said, “Daddy died this morning”

Everything. Stopped.

My father’s passing made me reflect on how short life is, how important relationships are and how the quality of my relationships is completely dependent on my intentionality in cultivating them. I made a promise to myself to strive to, at each moment, have the quality of relationship that I want to have with everyone in my life. It is this capability that I wish to share with the world; empowering our couples to have the strong relationships that they desire.”

Together we guide couples through in the Art and Science of Empowering their Relationships

Love Intently has an opportunity to make a life-changing difference to couples all over the world. We invite you to join us in empowering a world that loves intently. Because it’s not enough to love, we must choose to show it daily.Ifundwomen graphics-02