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Project Description

The "mental health" in urban areas seem to be taboo so many people have conditions that go untreated for an extended period. In the past, I used the creative process to manage my anxiety.


When I was a substitute art teacher, I noticed artwork brought at sense of peace to children I found difficult to manage in a math class (for example).  I decided I wanted to build a business in which I could give back to underrepresented communities. I believe what you sow into is what you will receive in return. My goal is to sow into underrepresented communities through art.


In October of 2022 my life turned upside down: I discovered I was not fully in control of my life for the past ten years.  I lost everything, including the inventory for my business. In essence, I abruptly stop designing and producing products for my small business. I was forced to use my general operation monies to help my son finish college and to survive.


I am writing to apply for this grant (s) because I believe in my skillsets. I have an MBA with a concentration in entrepreneurship and innovation. I believe in my skillsets, and I want to not only re-launch my business but also open a store front.


Designing and embellishing clothing and shoes has been therapeutic during the most trying times of my life. Ultimately, I would like to open a store front. It will be a place where children can create and repurpose clothing, shoes, and household items to what is trendy. Art is fun and repurposing these items will keep money in the household to be saved or used for bills. Repurposing is also great for the environment.


I also want to sow into the teen and adult population: I will offer resume and cover letter writing courses as well as mock interviewing.  After the adults have completed the Job Security program, I will invite them back to become brand ambassadors for LuxLowe Kreations, LLC.


I have asked my professional friends to become ambassadors for my business: the goal is to be agile in providing services to adults who have a need but limited flexibility due to work and family obligations. 


I will invite mental health counselors in to speak to the work/family balance: this will also provide a comfortable avenue for anyone seeking counseling.  


I have controls in place to ensure my dream is never deferred again after I re-launch LuxLowe Kreations, LLC.


Thank you for your time and consideration.


The Campaign FAQs

I will use funds to open a store front, purchase supplies, and purchase computer equipment.



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Monetary Contribution

Just Because I Care

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