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Lashing by the Divaz

Black Owned and Operated Business owner seeking your help to maintain through these hard times

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Project Description

Hello my name is Amity Hunter the proud owner of Lash Divaz Studio. 

Our Mission at Lash Divaz Studio is to create a peaceful and beautiful environment for our guests. Through our knowledge we are able to exceed any individual's expectations and through our professionalism we are able to provide outstanding service at outstanding prices.  Most eyelash studio provide outstanding service yet overcharge their clients while supplying their clients with poor quality. Here at Lash Divaz Studio we teach our employees the quality of great service while providing our clients with the best products.  The funds granted will allow us to help fund all operational expenses, due to COVID - 19 I have depleted all funds in both my personal and business accounts. Like most small businesses we were not awarded any government grants and were not given the opportunity to any county awards. We have three employees including myself and a custodial worker.  Your donations will help out dramatically and are greatly appreciated. 



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