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Language Learning Market

With your contribution, you can empower a women-owned and minority-led eTech startup, that curates educational resources in all languages.

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With your contribution, you can empower a women-owned and minority-led eTech startup, that curates educational resources in all languages. 






The Language Learning Market is an online Marketplace and Directory for buying and selling learning resources in all languages. We believe language is the key to human connection — that is, the more people understand each other, the more they will love and respect each other. 

Education is one of the world’s largest industries and is on track to gross more than $7 Trillion by 2025. However, the industry is decentralized and chaotic, which was only exacerbated by Covid-19. The Language Learning Market curates and organizes educational resources in all languages on 3 distinct platforms, connecting parents and educators to the best learning resources worldwide.

1. Online Marketplace for buying and selling educational resources in all languages (think, Etsy)

2. Educational Industry Directory with curated business & school listings & reviews (think, Trip Advisor)

3. Global Media Influencer Network is dedicated to expert advice and brand advertising (think TED-Ed)

Founder's Story

Since Allison Monroe was young, she had an understanding and appreciation for the interconnectedness of our world and how she would fit in it. This manifested itself in travel, volunteer work, language learning, and eventually, she joined the Peace Corps in Jordan. During her time in the Middle East, Allison immersed herself in the history, culture, and language of the region. She was evacuated due to the war in Iraq and returned to the region where she worked as the only female photojournalist in Jordan and Palestine. 

Upon returning home to the U.S. Allison became a mother to 4 children. She was determined to raise them in a multilingual home and searched to find quality Arabic learning resources, but struggled to find quality products. 

That’s when Allison went to the Middle East herself to find the products she wanted. She launched Syraj Kids in 2007, a global retail and wholesale distribution company offering fun and engaging Arabic resources. Allison was at the forefront of digital distribution and brand advertising and within a few years, she expanded the business into digital media, while also launching  a popular YouTube channel focused on teaching kids Arabic.  The channel would eventually amass more than 1.2 million subscribers.  Allison empowered dozens of business owners and content creators in the Middle East transforming their small businesses into global success stories.

 A quintessential entrepreneur with a sharp eye for identifying gaps in the education market, Allison then had a vision for doing what she did for Arabic, for all languages.

She created the Language Learning Market -- a global community that connects parents and educators looking for the best learning resources in multiple languages. Learning from her successes with Syraj, Allison scaled the business model from 1 language to 7,000 languages in a multi-vendor marketplace for buyers and sellers and an industry directory for educational businesses.

 Allison combined her experience building companies in Australia, the Middle East and the US, along with her expertise in the education industry to bring her vision to life.

In 2021, Allison brought on a highly experienced team to launch the Language Learning Market, an Innovation Center for the global education industry that gives micro-entrepreneurs and companies the opportunity to monetize their products, while also being the world’s only one-stop-shop for parents to find high-quality language learning content. 

Industry Problem 

  • EdTech is a trillion-dollar industry with an abundance of great resources and companies.  However, the lack of a centralized platform to reliably find curated resources can be overwhelming for parents and educators. This gap was highlighted during the pandemic when virtually overnight, every parent, teacher, and student across the world was forced into online education. The resulting chaos demonstrates the need for building an Innovation Center for the global education community. 

  • Educational businesses have often struggled to reach their target customers. Knowing the markets well, the players, their needs, and problems, Allison and her team are bringing educational businesses in direct contact with their niche markets to promote and sell their products. 

Covid-19 Response

  • As a result of Covid, the whole world went online for education. Every teacher and parent on the planet had to learn to navigate eLearning in their homes. Language Learning Market  is strategically positioned to provide solutions to these very big challenges for parents, educators, and educational businesses. By connecting buyers with sellers of the best resources in every language and dialect, the business model and platforms are built strongly to scale with the future of education.

  • When Covid shut down schools worldwide, parents and educators were overwhelmed with choices online. An industry directory was in the plans for 2022 but because of the pandemic, LLM pivoted and built the Educational Industry Directory in 2020. In November 2020, LLM launched the largest, most comprehensive global directory of 4,000+ educational businesses in 200 languages.

The Solution - Language Learning Market

Language Learning Market is an online marketplace and directory for educational resources in all languages. It is a community of parents and educators looking for the best learning resources worldwide.  The Language Learning Market is the innovation center for EdTech and the global education industry.  It connects buyers and sellers on three platforms:

  1. In the Marketplace, businesses and micro-entrepreneurs from all over the world can apply to open a store and earn commission on the sale of their educational products. Parents and teachers shop for curated, downloadable or hands-on resources, such as posters, activities and lesson plans or puzzles, blocks and science kits in any language or dialect.

  2. In the Education Directory, users can quickly discover the world’s best companies and products and browse reviews. Parents and educators will find 4,000 learning resources searchable by subject, age, grade, and 200+ languages. The directory is open to online learning companies, schools and educational businesses such as EdTech, eLearning, video and tutoring platforms, home school programs, learning apps, educational services and more. It is the world’s most comprehensive educational industry directory.

  3. The Media Influencer Network, is a source of industry news and information, tips and expert advice, brand advertising and business development resources for the global education industry. It is a collaborative community with more than 1.2 million followers on social media channels. 

The Global Education Market

Education is one of the world’s single largest industries, making up more than 6% of GDP with a 4.5% annual growth rate. By 2025, the market is expected to reach $7.3 Trillion in total global expenditure from governments, companies and consumers.

Homeschooling has surged since the pandemic, and more parents are curating their kid’s education themselves, relying on more outside resources from the traditional education system.

There are a handful of companies that offer a fraction of the resources and services Language Learning Market provides. It is the only company offering curated global educational resources in all languages that are easy to search and filter, quick to find and available for purchase to every corner of the world.

Business Model

The Language Learning Marketplace business model is not only innovative but highly scalable. Three platforms are designed to support multiple revenue streams; commissions, subscriptions, and advertising opportunities. Profitability is high because systems are highly automated, content is crowd-sourced, overhead is low, and social media is amplified to drive awareness to the community.  

Executive Team


Diversity, Inclusion & Social Impact

  • The executive team is composed of entrepreneurs, community leaders and industry experts with over 95 years of experience working with global corporations to help build brands and market multi-billion-dollar businesses. 

  • Women-owned and minority-led, LLM has a highly skilled workforce of 20+ people who are 85% women and 75% racially and ethnically diverse. They are a multinational corporation with offices in Mexico, India, Jordan and Headquarters in Mckinney, Texas

  • Language Learning Market takes a strong stance on local and global humanitarian needs. They are committed to education for all, inclusivity and doing good globally

  • The University of Texas at Arlington has partnered with the Language Learning Market for 3 years to provide an International Business Internship Program.

  • Community service is at the center of the founder, Allison Monroe's life. Currently, she serves as the fundraising and community sponsor lead for Caldwell Elementary, a title 1 and title 3 public school in Mckinney, Texas. She also serves on the Board of Directors for a refugee aid organization, the Collateral Repair Project, in Amman, Jordan.

Thank you

Your support means empowering microentrepreneurs and small businesses that are majority run by women from all over the world. We work with women in developing and developed countries of all races, ethnicities, and socio-economic backgrounds. The women we support have shared a passion for education. These small business owners create educational products in their native languages targeted to parents and educators (also majority women). We are a collaborative community of women who want to give the gift of language to children. Thank you for your support.


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