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Keep Roller Skating Alive

Our family is working to open a roller skating rink for our community in Frederick, MD; we need toraise additional funding for down payment.

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Project Description

Our family is no longer trying, we WILL open a roller skating rink for our community in Frederick, MD, and we are fundraising to help with start-up costs. Roller skating is one of America's favorite past times, and has been around for centuries, and is always being reinvented.  It's been 22 years since Frederick  has had a skating rink; with the exception of Libertytown, which has since closed. We need this in our community to promote healthy lifestyles, exercise, and a great extra-curricular activity for both the young and old; this is one sport that the whole family can do TOGETHER.  I've got the formula, the recipe, and the expertise to open, run, and operate a successful roller skating rink. And it's going to be right here, in our community for all of us to enjoy. But we need your help to get there... We need to raise an additional $250,000 (a portion of the 20% down payment) to show good faith with the lenders.  This is not an impossible nor unreachable goal. Once community comes together, anything is possible. I believe in my community. I know you will help us get there. 


This campaign was started in hopes to gain a little support to engage the younger population by introducing them to a lifelong pastime that has been around since the 1800's, and has proven to be one of the most invigorating sports of all time. Not only is rollerskating fun, it's great exercise!  MISSION STATEMENT To change the narrative and the common stigma that comes with roller skating: irrelevant, not worthy enough to be considered an Olympic sport, dangerous, and difficult to learn, no longer in demand, only enjoyed by children, and is not multi-cultural. I am in the process of fulfilling a life-long dream; operating a roller skating rink of my very own.  I remember when our local rink closed about 35 years ago. I started a petition to keep it open, complete with a business plan in order to keep it afloat. I was about 15 years old at the time. This is how passionate I was about this sport. I loved it then and I still do! Every weekend, this is where you'd find me; at the RINK! This sport has brought so many people such fond memories. Why not pass that torch to the next generation? Roller skating has been proven to be one the best ways to stay in shape, and burn RIDICULOUS amounts of calories without even trying. 


The closest roller skating rink is 30 miles to the north; over 50 miles south of Frederick. Our area is in need of more varieties of entertainment that not only is fun, but is closer to home. Youth groups of all kinds are always planning activities and we intend to provide a choice that will fill the need for a safe, well supervised facility that is fun.  Activities will include: Birthday parties, roller skating lessons for beginners, miniature golf, arcade and soft play areas, pool tables, and adult lounge, and much more! Please show your support for something that can help the whole community.

This is not just a dream, but a life long passion of mine. I can see it clear as day. I need your support to bring this to fruition.

Every single person who donates to this cause will have their names engraved on our wall in the skating rink named "The Wall of Thanks".

My sincerest "THANK YOU" for supporting me and my little dream!


The Campaign FAQs

Frederick is also welcoming of all people: all denominations, all races. This is a community that is open to change, open to diversity and inclusion. This will also provide a safe and fun environment for children, teens, and adults alike. We NEED this now more than ever. Roller skating is also generational. We need to continue to pass the torch on this much needed activity that so many forget about, simply because it’s not accessible.

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