Join Us in the WAR – Against TICKS!

Eco friendly, natural tick and insect repellent products and education for people, pets, and property.

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Project Description

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Got Ticks?

Tick populations and tick-borne illness are expanding across the United States. A 2015 exploratory survey indicated that 94% of the population in Chatham County, NC had one or more people in their household had exposure to a tick within the previous year. The national household average is 45 percent (CDC 2015 study). While a majority of residents surveyed practice prevention through using tick repellents and personal inspections, less than ten percent treat their yards or use other prevention techniques. TickWarriors is uniquely poised to leverage the growth in awareness as more and more people are exposed to ticks and tick-borne illness.

There are millions of people in the US who are exposed to ticks every year. An estimated 350,000 contract Lyme disease. Data on other tick-borne diseases such as Ehrlichiosis, Rickettsias, STARI, Powassan, and alpha-gal (the mammalian meat allergy) are sparse, but an estimated total of several hundred thousand people get sick each year from tick bites.

What is TickWarriors About?

TickWarriers occupies a void in the pest treatment market. Although eco-friendly personal and pet repellents exist on the market, no company offers one-stop shopping and education solutions. None of our competitors offer eco-friendly products that use food-grade materials, and many “natural” products contain permethrins – though derived from chrysanthemums they are toxic to cats and bees.

Why $$?

TickWarriors has been in business for over a year with proven results. I am asking for working capital to expand our market to areas across the U.S. with high rates of tick-borne illness.

Why iFundWomen?

I chose to raise this round of capital through iFundWomen because of their commitment to help women entrepreneurs get their businesses off the ground and their pay-it-forward model. By helping each other win, we all win!

Who am I?

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As CEO and Founder of TickWarriors, I have a rare blend of expertise in program and product development, marketing, budgeting, strategic planning, and public health. Throughout my career I’ve embraced holistic approaches to solve complex problems. While I was working on my doctorate in public health in 2011, I contracted Ehrlichiosis, a tick-borne illness. I have experienced firsthand the devastating impacts tick-borne illnesses can bring.


This is an amazing product that gets results quickly! In the past, I would get a tick on me within 5 minutes of walking in the yard. After the first application, the ticks and chiggers that normally plagued us when we were out in the yard were gone! I thought this product was too good to be true – but it is true! It works and I highly recommend the Yard Spray. Karen S.

I have been using BioUD for the past two summers and have significantly reduced the number of tick bites I have suffered. Before using BioUD, it would not be unusual for me to have 40 tick bites per summer. This summer, I have had two. I don’t go into my garden, trails through the woods or by the creek without first applying BioUD. It’s changed my appreciation of the outdoors in the summer.                                                                                                                                                                                                                  — George Greger-Holt