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Jamaica's Premier Brand Jamaica Travel Experience APP

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Project Description

Mission: Jamaica is ranked the 12th top vacation  destination in the world and first in the top 10 Caribbean destination. KHADZCOMM's mission is to digitally transform the tourism and transportation sector.

Planning a travel itinerary for things to do while on vacation or on business can be a hassle as the traveler will have to either visit several social media platforms or websites or even to call the front desk or tour desk to get information. The Jamaica Outingz APP will be a full service APP for the modern day traveler.

According To UNWTO over 4 million visitors visit the island yearly. This shows the potential of the market and to create a platform to promote its product and services.

The Jamaica Outingz APP will appeal to the:- tech savvy traveler, the transportation sector and will be a software application designed to promote small businesses.

Funding is needed to promote the APP on a international scale (promote international tourism), purchase tablets for small businesses so they can use the APP and to hire a team.

Currently, team consist of the KHADZCOMM CEO, Khadine Daley and a software engineer.

We are grateful to our investors for believing in the vision to digitally transform Jamaica's tourism and transportation sector.



The Campaign FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions:

What are the features of the APP.

 Jamaica Outingz APP will allow the user to book transportation requests to go to recommended restaurants, bookntours and excursions and shopping tours, book to attend events, create group itineraries for unique experiences and to do online shopping for exclusive Brand Jamaica products. As the APP develops there are more opportunities to include other features such as luxury Villa bookings, car rentals etc.

How will the APP help to transportation sector?

License drivers will be able to book potential travelers who may prefer to pay using a credit card. This promotes a cashless travel experience.

How will the APP help small businesses?

The development of a APP is very costly. However, given the benefits of a business having access to a APP that is exclusive to them will help to give a competitive edge. 


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