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Invest in Us- Bright Design Studio

We are a Licensed Digital Design Studio born in Shanghai that promotes design solutions for global brands. Helping brands ignite!

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Project Description

  • We are a Licensed Digital Design Studio born in Shanghai that promotes design solutions for global brands. In 2019, we realised there’s a demand for professional creative solutions & brand strategy for business owners growing their companies abroad. Our studio promotes creating design based solutions to help businesses grow regionally and locally using digital media and branding. 
  • Services include: Graphic Design, Digital Marketing, SEO management, Website design + Brand/market research.
  • We recently won 9 awards- 7 international awards and 2 national awards for our outstanding performance and services. 98% satisfaction rate, 95% felt that our reports help them understand their brands and market better, 150% SEO growth rate.
  • From international global companies to local award winning bars, we help ignite brands to their fullest potential from Unigraf (Electronics manufacturer for SONY,XIAOMI,etc),Youkuai groups international (Serving Award winning bars/restos + Accor hospitality groups, NY-SH), to Fruitmax (Rotterdam-SH), to Viin for Yanhee hospital, BROWIT, Oceanskin (Bangkok-Shenzhen) to Tokylabs (Google Partner: Barcelona-HK-SH) and more

“Creative solutions for exceptional brands.”- Healy Restrepo, Brand Advisor

Problem = Opportunity. We come to track market trends, supply brand research with targeted strategy and platforms to reach your goals (KPI). We address with weekly reports on website analytics, CRM leads, understanding consumers’ behaviour, UI + UX impact on decision making to buy products or follow a business page.

  • Not reaching campaign goals? You’ve performed research, planned the campaign, outlined its goals, created it and executed the campaign. But it’s not performing well, ROI is not as expected and your conversion rate is low.
  • Digital marketing success demands more targeted action in order to reach the goals of your campaign. Bright Design supports digital campaign success through market research, analysis and branding to make your campaigns succeed. Let us help you and provide solutions via Data analytics, brand, market research and SEO on keywords.
  • There are always demands for consumptions it’s about targeting and reaching the right businesses.


Customer Profile

Among companies that will continue become clients of Bright Design Studio– Management has developed the following demographic profile that it will use in its marketing campaigns:

  • Annual revenues ranging from $250,000 to $10,000,000 per year
  • EBITDA of $50,000 to $1,000,000
  • Is seeking to have their SEO and graphic design needs outsourced to a third party.
  • Will spend $5,000 to $10,000 per month services
  • For specialized projects, these clients will spend $10,000 to $30,000 with Bright Design Studio.

Competitive Analysis
There are several businesses that operate in the targeted markets that Bright Design Studio is entering. The competition for comprehensive digital marketing and design across a number of mediums is substantial given that companies want to connect with as many potential customers as possible. Major New York based firms that operate in a similar capacity as that of Bright Design Studio include:

  • Acronym
  • Berma & Co.
  • Fishbat Media
  • Major Tom
  • Metric Theory
  • P3 Media

The principal way that Bright Design Studio maintains a competitive advantage is that the business is able to act as an end-to-end provider for all of a client’s digital marketing and digital asset development needs. This substantially differentiates the business from companies that only provide a limited number of services. As discussed in the executive summary, Bright Design Studio has received numerous industry awards via its current operations in Shanghai. The Company is able to coordinate marketing efforts on a global basis for clients.

Marketing Objectives

  • Continue to connections with companies that require regional or national level SEO, design and related brand/creative services.
  • Continue to maintain an expansive online presence so that Bright Design Studio can be quickly found when specific searches are conducted (which has been completed and will be discussed below)
  • Use targeted advertisements on social media platforms (with a heavy focus on Linkedin, Instagram + Wechat)




The Campaign FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions:

About Founder: Elaine Chew, Brand Director + CEO

Graduated from BA Graphic Design, Northumbria University, UK. She graduated from Global Business in Harvard Business School. She also has UI + UX certification from CalArts, USA, and Design Strategy and Entrepreneurship from University of Sydney. Elaine has over 5 years experience working in UK, Singapore and now Shanghai as a Lead designer at US textile company and Branding agencies serving clients such as Gooseisland, Budweiser, Boston Scientific, IHG hotels, etc.

She is fluent in English, Chinese, Malay and Cantonese.

About Co-founder: David Hlusko, Public relations + Marketing Consultant

Graduated from BA Business Administration + Management in and Marketing in Denmark. David is an expert with marketing, management, and public relations. In the past 5 years, David has helped with developing, managing digital marketing campaigns and promoting to uplift your brand further.

He is fluent in English, Russian, Slovak, Czech, and Polish.

We are a team of designers, SEO copywriters, specialist and consultants with an average of 5 years experience and fluent to at least 3 languages: English, Chinese and Spanish

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