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Empowering women by a women

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Project Description

•What is the mission of your company or project? 

_We are company that we empowered girls, we make them improve, grow personal and professional too. 


•Describe the problem you are solving. 

-We need to create a new website, to buy new equipment, a new office with more space due the COVID we closed our office but we need a new place to develop our models. Also we invest in the girls to prepare them with English and with all the tools that are necessary as photo-shots among other.  


•What is the market size/opportunity? The modeling size by revenue $8billion only into the US market And Latin America $1.6billion. Latin America industry is growing. 

What is your company/product about and how does it solve the problem? We are a modeling agency. We solve the problem scouting new talent, to train our talent, being a small company so we can be focus on all the girls we represent, and always given the best service to our clients and models. 


•Why are you seeking funding and how will you spend the funding? Because we try with all the banks here in Costa Rica and it’s so hard and difficult as a women, also the requirements are so complicated and it takes so much time and documents to they to tell you are not qualified, also that due the covid the banks are more strict. I will spend the money investing in a new office, new equipment as computers, English teacher, photographers, to build our new website and logo. Also to prepare and invest in our models. 


•Who is on your team? Are Yeudy, Jose and Marte we are 4 people. 


I’m so thankful with all my team for make all these come together I appreciate all the work you done with me for the girls


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