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Ignium Strength and Conditioning

Providing a safe, strong, fun community within a community by bringing health and wellness programs to all ages.

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Project Description

  • Our Mission at Ignium Strength and Conditioning is developing both physical strength and mental fortitude with poise, energy and authority. 
    Brand Value Statement: Ignium Strength and Conditioning brings integrity and resilience to health, wellness, and fitness while empowering our customers to find their inner fire. 
  • Our facility is located in a small, rural farming community with limited resources for health and wellness. We are currently the only certified trainers within a 25 mile radius. We are the only facility within that same radius to offer programs such as group fitness, personal training, nutrition coaching, kids/teens programs, and sports conditioning. 
  • Our market size is large as we have the ability to pull clients from surrounding rural counties. 
  • Our company offers positions that add to the local job market as well as local resources for health and wellness at a reasonable price.  We will regularly be giving back to the community with fundraisers to benefit local needs. 
  • We are seeking funding to help expand our staff with another full time coach, increase the amount of available equipment to clients, and make facility improvements. 


The Campaign FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • How will we know what funds were used on? All purchases made with campaign money will be posted to our Facebook and Instagram accounts with special thank you acknowledgements for your support.