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I have put my all to find freedom! I cant stop

Skipping meals to fund my first business. I am down to pennies, After personal life trials and tribulations. I urge for help or a partner.

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Project Description

 After a failed relationship that sucked me out of all my peace, happiness, savings and freedom. I attempt to regain it all back. I knew I needed to start my own business, to build that influential individual I always wanted to become. Upon my research I found, that the global and beauty care market is a 500 billion dollar industry. I knew that’s what I wanted to target. I wanted to bring a versatile, organic, effective but gentle product that helps anyone who uses it.

On my journey to Morocco, I came across the  ancient Moroccan Argan oil and how effective it is, specially to the Moroccan women who hand pick & process it. It has been a stable source of income for generations. 

Women coming from poverty depend on Argan production jobs to support their families. The average income minimum wage is $250 a month but these women deserve more for the work and care they put in!
My mission is to find freedom! Not only for me, but for those humble women who have less than me, who survive on very little but yet insist on inviting you for dinner, & for the over populated stray cats & dogs roaming the streets of Morocco who need attention. 

Machines have swooped in and replaced the cracking kernel process. As the manual process takes on average 16 hours from start to finish. Machines have become more popular as it only takes 20 minutes to produce one whole liter of Argan oil. In return, taking over the jobs and opportunities of the women. 

I have put my heart, soul, money & energy into this business. I need help with advertising, providing better/bigger & comfortable workspace, materials, etc and for animal care such as food, shots, medicine’s & spay assistance. Assist me in helping create a difference in the world with this beautiful, organic product/brand D’OR MOROCCAN.

Increasing sales, will increase work hours and days, hiring and offering more women the opportunity to work. A percentage of income generated from sales will also be used to help the stray population of cats and dogs in form of feeding, medical, spay/neuter, & or adoption. 
I have so little but so much I want to give. I want to be someone’s hero, to be someone who truly leaves a mark of positivity in this world.

In the end, knowing the time and energy not only helps me find my freedom but also helps feed families and animals.


Thank You all,
for taking the time to read this ❤️




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Monetary Contribution

Thank You for taking the time to help support many lives including the furry kind. 

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About the Entrepreneur


Monetary Contribution

Thank You for taking the time to help support many lives including the furry kind. 

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