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My campaign is to finally start my dream of selling my art pieces like jewelry, clothing etc. I know I can do this with a little help!

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I have long been making and creating jewelry and art pieces. My whole life I’ve been told by my friends I need to sell it. Unfortunately I did not come from a place in life where I could walk in a bank sit down with a business plan and get a loan. 

My beginnings did not grant me the opportunity that many of my friends had. I could not go to college, I couldn’t get a job that wasn’t minimum wage, but this isn’t a pity story. I don’t want pity I just want a boost. A chance to get my items out to a large audience where I know they will take off. 

I have self taught myself to make jewelry not just little beaded items but really creating and crafting rings earrings necklaces etc. I have a passion for natural gemstones and I have sat back and watched as so many shops are beginning to create pieces with natural stones like I have for years. I can no longer accept that this is my life. I can no longer sit back and accept that just because I don’t have the funds to do something that it’s impossible. 

The final straw I guess you could say is when my daughter asked me “Mommy you make such pretty things why can’t you sell them and then we wouldn’t have to worry anymore” the fact that she even put all that together broke me. And it made me say enough is enough. She will not walk in my footsteps of defeat. She will not grow up like I did resenting my mother and wishing I had what the other girls had, like new clothes and shoes and big huge birthday parties. She will make it in this life! She wants to be a surgeon! She is so smart she has such a big heart. And I have to give her a starting platform to do so! 

I know so deeply that my pieces will take off! I made a few items for a friend who has a small shop and told me “they may not sell, most of the jewelry items just sit forever” well 2 days later she said they are all gone! I’ve never had jewelry sell like that. I was then contacted by one of her customers who wanted me to make a item for each member of her family. I made her 8 bracelets each with a birthstone and then a chosen stone of her choosing. 

I know people will love it. I know I can continue to come up with new ideas and designs because all day long I have ideas in my head that I can’t carry out because supplies to make these items are not cheap. Anytime in the past I did sell my items it had to go to bills and could never go towards more supplies etc. 

I am sorry for writing so much. I’m just so inspired by this site. Women should absolutely help other women. And one day when I am successful and I have money in the bank to spare I am going to seek out women like myself. Women who thought that they were locked in their place in life with no hope for tomorrow and I am going to pay it forward. 

Please consider helping me with getting my shop going. I need supplies, Metal like sterling silver wire, gold filled wire, gemstones, some real equipment! Like soldering equipment etc. I need funds to open a website and stock it with made items and then get ads going to promote my items so people can see them. 

I am confident I can take this money and triple it. I just have never been given a opportunity to do so. All ages and styles and tastes will find something in my collection to love. 


The Project FAQs

Am I located in the United States? -Yes 

Will we be able to see your progress?- Yes I will find a way to provide links to my shop once it’s going 




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