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Project Description

We are PASS IT ON COMMUNITY CENTER. Our mission is to provide a space for the next generation to come to CREATE, DEVELOP and BECOME COMMUNITY CULTIVATORS. We believe we ALL have something to PASS ON to the next generation of leaders even if it is ONE thing. Children and youth will navigate life by what they see and what they know, we want to make sure they have every opportunity to become who they want to be. 

Our center will target children and youth  ages 5-17 years old and our building is located in a very low-income neighborhood where nothing exists or targets children. We believe by opening up a community center we will be closing the gap to high risk youth. This project will focus on all youth, particularly Hispanic youth, who are ages 5 through 17 years old and who live in Lansing, Michigan (located in Ingham County). The city is home to roughly 118,000 residents, of which about 22% are under 18 years of age, and 12% are Hispanic. Poverty in Lansing impacts 41% of youth 18 and under. Further, about 27% of Hispanic residents live in poverty, and 23% have less than a high school education (U.S. Census Bureau, 2013-2017) We have an opportunity to change statistics and our community one child at a time.

Pass It On Community Center has a vision to come alongside children and youth to  help them develop their talents and their strengths. For example if a child loves art, we provide the space for them to create, help them develop their passion and as they grow older, we help them turn their passion into a career. We do this by exposing  them to opportunities where their art can take them. Art can be used in careers like graphic design, architectural design, etc..We want kids to try different programs from culinary arts, theater, to trades. 

We are seeking funding to renovate our building so we can turn it into a state-of-the-art center. Our roof desperately needs to repaired and an overall renovation needs to take place so we can begin using our own facility as we are currently using shared-space. Our dream is to have a mac lab, commercial kitchen for culinary arts, theater/event space, recording studio for singer songwriters, and counseling services as mental health is essential at this time. 

Our team consist of 6 board members, CEO, Executive Director, volunteers and many community members who are rooting for us. 


Will you be part of change? Join our campaign today!

Thank you all for your support!

Ceci Bordayo



The Campaign FAQs

Where will my contribution directly go towards?

Funds will go directly to renovating the community center.

Can I get a tax write off?

Yes- we can write a tax receipt for your donation.



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