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Who is Paula Jewell?

In 2014, Paula Jewell founded a community organization called “ARTS: A Roadmap to Success" that allowed her to teach individuals from all walks of life about the importance of exploring their emotional intelligence through art. She uses her platform to get others interested in discussions about art and its relevance in our everyday lives. Jewel's goal is to not only to spark conversation about the significant, long term effects of artistic expression but to further prove the argument that anyone can find a creative voice. 

Paula attended the Savannah College of Art and Design for three years, majoring in Fashion Design and minoring in Painting before making a move to New York to start her fashion career and graduate from the Fashion Institute of Technology. Jewell immediately began work for Bibhu Mohapatra as a part of the design team for the Fall 2020 collection. From there, doors quickly opened allowing Jewell to learn from Prabal Gurung, one of the industry's most influential designers. Her work for Gurung prepared her to launch her own design career. 

Through hand-painted fabric prints to lively portraits to music production, she renders her interpretation of beauty and transcendence and shares her most vulnerable moments. Jewell creates fabric prints, mixed media portraits and garments that bridge the gap between fine art and fashion. Her art is a labor of love, with months of dedication spent on each work of art to ensure the highest level of craftsmanship. It is her goal to reach individuals from all walks of life and share the tools necessary to develop emotional intellgence, self awareness and self love.


House of Jewell Couture Legacy 

Named after the founder’s grandmother “Jewell”, House of Jewell Couture is a black-owned, sustainable couture fashion house and luxury brand with an eco-friendly, zero-waste approach. We are dedicated to bringing fine art and fashion to a community of people who may not be exposed to it.

“I am committed to carrying on the legacy my grandmother started. She shared her design and sewing skills along to my mother, and together they created custom pieces for me and my sisters’ most important occasions. I have been wearing elegant gowns and matching gloves since I was a little girl.

“I began to dream about becoming a fashion designer as early as I can remember. Here is my first official fashion illustration. I worked closely with each one of my sisters on the color and cut of their gown.

"Building House of Jewell Couture continues to create opportunities for me to bring people together and I am very grateful for that! I love doing so to inspire collaboration and start significant discussions, and I will continue to foster opportunities through my brand."

What is your mission?

There are two tenets to the House of Jewell Couture mission:

  • to normalize sustainable practices in the fashion industry and minority communities
  • to introduce luxury and fine art to the African-American community and other marginalized people.  

“Introducing individuals from all walks of life to better sustainable practices is the cornerstone of my brand, so that we can leave this earth better then how we found it. Moreover, I will continue to spread beauty and opulence in communities of color because you can’t be what you can’t see!”


The juxtaposition of the pandemic and the social injustice reckoning happening in the United States has affected all industries, and fashion is no exception. As a black-owned brand, we are committed to focusing our business on culture, inclusion, equity and sustainability. 

“During this time, I have reflected on where I fit in this industry and I realize that now more than ever it’s important for me to emote my truth as an African-American woman and designer. Today, we employ 3 part-time employees and look forward to creating more job opportunities as we build the House of Jewell Couture to an international household name.”

On February 7th, 2021, House of Jewell Couture successfully showcased the Spring collection: Deadly & Divine Collection, in a COVID-safe and remote-access exhibition in The New York Aquarium. Strict social distancing rules were enforced, and proof of a negative COVID test within 3 days of the show from models, crew and attendees to ensure the safety of all participants.

House of Jewell Puzzles


“When you are raised in extreme poverty, your exposure to quality fashion and fine art is very limited. As the second oldest of four girls, raised by a single mom, I have experienced this first hand. I am fortunate that my mother recognized my affinity for visual art and fashion and fed that curiosity throughout my childhood with magazines, books and movies. That is why today, I am determined to take my mother’s efforts a step further by putting fine art in the hands of communities all over the world.

"House of Jewell Puzzles is a way to do just that. By featuring some of my most vivid mixed-media paintings, we get fine art into the hands of young black creatives, to hopefully inspire them and ignite a flame in them to create their own art, spark their own creativity and discover their own talents and gifts.”

We remain committed to sustainability with our puzzles, too! Our puzzles are made of either wood or recycled materials, and come with a matching print and packing also made of recycled materials. HOJ Puzzles make the perfect family heirloom that puzzlers will cherish for generations. 

House of Jewell Couture


House of Jewell Couture is an African-American luxury brand and fashion house, inspired by three generations of artists. Daring colors and innovative silhouettes embody the distinct aesthetic and voice of House of Jewell. Marrying fashion and fine art is a key component in making sure that each piece is a staple wardrobe item for every customer.

We prioritize being eco-friendly, sustainable and zero-waste.

Thank you in advance for your support! Please consider one of the crowd funding perks to help us continue to build the House of Jewell brand.



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