Hood Adjacent Tees Goes Global

Hood Adjacent isn't just a tee shirt and apparel company, it's a global movement!

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Project Description

Hood Adjacent Tees is ready to go Global! It is our dream to have a shirt on every back, sticker on every lunchbox,  diaper in every tote and mug on every office desk. Right now, Annette and Patricia are working out of a home office, but now that the world know and loves us, we need to move in to an actual commercial space. With your help and support, we would be able to move into a bigger space, produce more DOPENESS for the world, provide jobs by hiring a team and staff, and be able to be recognized GLOBALLY!

Once we have an actual commercial space, we will also have low cost rooms and spaces for rent for other women entrepreneurs. We recognize that not everyone can afford a separate space, or need one for that matter, so we will have space for when they need it for whatever it is needed for. For meetings, work space, or perhaps offices.  These office will also have the option of obtaining drop in daycare for either the renter or those attending meetings.

We will also have a cafe, community garden and host classes open to the community on opening and maintaining a business, finance classes, education, parenting and other classes that will help sustain and improve the community.

At the end of the day, Hood Adjacent won’t just be a tee shirt and apparel company, it will be a movement. Our stores will be a place where people can come to connect, share, learn, meet people to travel with, laugh together, cry together and learn to live together.

We are all the same. Not being able to fit into one description box. Adjacent to another box but not full there. Trying to make it through life with a smile as we try to stay in our lane, manage our lives, drink more water and achieve greatness all at the same time.

We want people to feel confident, secure and valid. Our clothes and accessories are the perfect way to display yourself without fear of not being understood. With our apparel we hope that people will find their voice, thus bringing people closer and be able to see that are differences what makes us the same.

With all donation and in kind support, you will be added to our database to receive emails from us – don’t worry we don’t cyber stalk