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Hona Solutions

An initiative looking at uplifting our society through the empowerment of the locally marginalized mature women and the local crafts people

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Project Description


Hona solutions

Hona is mainly an online store and market place focusing on local craft, however we will have physical trader’s days in our warehouses. We choose craft because we want to work with something that we know how to do, something that is natural to us, something that we love to do and thus we want to showcase this to the world.

What’s the difference?

I know you have all heard this idea before, but Hona is different in that we are focusing on developing our society through giving the marginalized women a chance. We are employing women on a full-time basis with full benefits to produce beaded jewelry for our online store. All our jewelry will be made from beads. Beads play a significant role in my culture, one can wear beads on any occasion, be it weddings, parties, night outs or just with your everyday work outfit.  Thus  we noticed that, there are so many women who have mastered the art of beading but have never got the chance to be celebrated and most of these women are aged above 50 and are deemed unemployable as they are not ‘educated enough or are above the required skillful years’ yet these are the same grandmothers who are left with the burden of taking care of their grand kids here in Africa. We as Hona Solutions will employ them based solely on skill, as long as you can perform you are good to go and these will come from across the country even the rural areas as we want to incorporate different aspects of our rich culture in each piece so that we tell our stories. We provide them with materials to produce their wares and we collect on certain days. They work in the comfort of their homes and this saves them the burden of travelling daily to work and also it's good social distancing as the world is battling Covid 19.  We are a registered company so their remunerations will adhere to government regulations.  

We will have an in house artist designer to help with creative ideas  for our products.

We will also assist local players in the industry by helping them to better package and present their products so as to attract better value for their pieces. We have observed that there is abundant talent locally but people lack creativity in presentation and also lack access to markets. Most people sell along street corners and robots, So, we will bridge the gap as Hona solutions

For our market place we will cater for other players in the craft industry to sell their products on our platform as long as they have products that fall into our categories.

Categories are art paintings and sculptures, crotchet, and jewelry.                                                                                           

Operating models for market place

We will be operating on two models where we can fulfill the seller’s orders and offer warehousing facilities to enable fast shipment of goods. Or we can allow the seller to fulfill their orders themselves on our platform.

We will also have open trader days or auction days. This was necessitated by the fact that there are other players in the industry who produce huge artifacts like stone wares and these are costly to ship or are fragile and it is most advantageous for buyers and sellers to meet physically and talk.

How much are we raising?

We are looking at raising US$15000 and this is mainly to cover our advertising costs, lease our warehouse for at least 6 months, and add onto our beads. We are looking at producing and running a 30 second drive time (morning and evening) radio advert for the whole month to create awareness for our brand and also erect billboards along major roads. We want to at least have the billboard up for three months and funds permitting, it will go up for longer.

Budget in US Dollars  

Online store creation                            $2500 

outdoor media                                      $2000

Radio & TV Advertising                        $2500

warehousing & storage                       $5900

Materials/ Beads                                   $2100

                                                                $15 000

 Hona in my language means perceive or look deeper so as I look deeper into the future, I see a world where women are their sisters’ keepers and will go that extra mile in assisting another.  As Hona solutions we perceive a world where women will not view taking care of kids as limitations or hinderance to financial freedom, they can earn a living whilst taking care of the kids right in their homes.

Make this a reality for us. Assist and support our cause, Thank you. Tatenda, Siyabonga





The Campaign FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • why craft :we chose craft because its what we know and what we do best.
  • how sustainable is the business:  well craft has been there since time immemorial and it will still be there in future.  we have started off with our small local shop and we have noted that it is a viable idea.
  • Are you registered:  We are a registered company we pay taxes. We thought it best to start by registering so that all our operations will be legal and since we are looking at growing we can only do that as a registered entity.
  • how do you get the women:   we can work with the local employment board, put newspaper adverts, word of mouth and also we have some women we have identified to work with.
  • Is it a women owned company:  Hona solutions is a partnership amongst two siblings, a brother and sister with equal voting rights. 



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