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Homeless Women Newly Released Felons

Help us helping the women that are newly released felons , we strive to help them be successful with or without financial investments.

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Project Description

  • ATSS primary focus is to provide support services to women.  We primarily focus on women in domestic violence, addicts and ex-offenders.  Our support services include, but are not limited to: housing, basic needs, workforce development/employment assistance, mentoring, and financial literacy.  Our goals are to reduce statistics and rates in the State of Texas, with those rates being: homelessness, recidivism and domestic violence. 
  • We are solving multiple problems in the community such as decreasing sex trafficking, domestic violence, boosting self esteem and self awareness.  We are working towards making our community a safer place to live, we work towards reducing the burden of the government, creating a safe environment and contributing towards helping families to experience a stable life in their community.
  • We focused on women who are homeless due to dealing with being a felon, substance abuse and domestic violence.
  • We are an organization that provides housing services for a min of 90 days to women 21-50 years old age, they will be apart of a program that obtains stable employment, on going counseling support, enroll in a trade to further skills and education. They will also be learning  life skills suitable for each client,  money management skills, and workforce development skills. Each client will have a personal path plan that will be expected to be completed within six months. We plan to keep client busy on focusing on their new beginning and making every moment count. Our organization wants to reward each successful client with a furnished beginner house/apartment , a stable transportation and ongoing support services.
  • Why are you seeking funding and how will you spend the funding? We are seeking funding to fund all five of the program and daily operational cost. Each program has a amount for the year in order for each program to run successfully
  • Who is on your team? 

    Cheyenne Johnson

    President-Founder, Multi- Entrepreneur, Dog Lover,  Philomath & Maryland Girl

    Kimberly Landry

    Treasurer- TSU college Graduate, Multi- Entrepreneur , Kind and Wise. Houston Pride

    Danielle Curry

    Secretary- Devoted Mother, Maryland Girl, Intelligent , Strong, and has a career working with the State of Maryland

    Deirdre Johnson

    Board- Maryland Gal, Owns a Scrub Business, Kind, Smart, and Pushes Women Confidence within self

Thank You,

Cheyenne Johnson, Founder


The Campaign FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Do ATSS only help women? No but women will be assisted first 
  • What are the qualifications to apply to the program? Must be a Women ,Felon ,Homeless ,Want to enroll in all programs, Age: 21-50 Years of age, Hard to place 
  • Can you provide measurable results? Yes, at the end of the fiscal year, we will send a report to all investors.
  • What geographic will you be serving? Houston and surrounding areas
  • What percentage of success do you plan to have each year? 90%
  • Do you accept all types of donations? Yes, Clothing, Shoes, Houses, Gift cards, Hygiene Kits for men and women and vehicles.
  • Where can I find additional information? Website and Instagram for Social Media @almosttheresupportiveservices
  • What are the plans for you company in the future? We are in the works are creating a few jobs within the organization; landscaping, cleaning, and a restaurant business.  Planning to create 7-20 jobs including full and part time. Several fundraisers to help other small business owners nationwide. Bring our success rate 100% yearly



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Monetary Contribution

Just Because I Care

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