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Project Description

The United States is one of the most culturally diverse nations in the world. Black Americans are one of the largest ethnic groups in the United States. While improvements have been made over the last decade in the way race, ethnicity, gender, and other social issues are portrayed in the media, the entertainment industry still has a long way to go in its attempt to reflect society's changing demographics. Many Black Americans have made basic and lasting contributions to American culture and in the entertainment industry; however, their rights are limited. They are long denied a rightful share in the media industry as well as in the economic and social progress of the United States. Black-American actresses and actors are more common on the big screen, but they are still limited in bigger blockbuster movies. With the stakes high, many studio executives worry that films that focus on Black-American themes risk being too narrow in their appeal to justify the investment.


4Us Inc is a production house and talent agency startup that aims to focus on Black Americans in all respective fields of the industry. We will develop entertaining content, film, music, and shows with the potential to become box-office success for black people, promoting their talent, art, culture, experiences, and stories. We will open a production house that spans across 200 to 330 acres. The production house will consist of eight different studios, including a Film Production Studio, Writers Studio, Podcasts & Internet-Based Entertainment Studio, Drawing & Graphics Design Studio, Music Studio/ Voice-over & off Screen Studio, LIVE Studio/ Auditorium, Animation, and Studio Talent Agency/ Audition Center dedicated to promoting black talent and creating black content in the industry.

Alongside these studios, we will have three different distribution channels dedicated to promoting Black Americans talent:

  • will be a free, advertisement-based website for applications, submissions & web-based shows.
  • will be a subscription-based streaming service that will host a diverse collection of movies, shows, and other video content to promote the Black community and culture.
  • will also be a subscription-based media service provider for adult entertainment

All of these channels will create an opportunity for Black Americans to showcase their talent besides earning recognition and financial stability.

Our production company will include eight different studios devoted to augmenting black talent and creating black content, including a Film Production Studio, Writers Studio, Podcasts & Internet-Based Entertainment Studio, Drawing & Graphics Design Studio, Music Studio/ Voice-over & off Screen Studio, LIVE Studio/ Auditorium, Animation Studio, and Talent Agency/Audition Center. All of these studios will consist of teams of only Black people and will produce projects focused on Black people. We will develop a Video-on-Demand (VOD) subscription-based model to distribute our content across the 4Us Inc. network, including,,, and 4UsN the Entertainment Network.

We believe in making projects that will be cost-effective, entertaining, commercial, and promote Black American talent. Our productions will create highly entertaining projects focusing on a niche or mainstream target market of Black Americans. We will establish our business model because we believe we have something unique to offer and will strive towards fulfilling our vision to help Black talent succeed. Our idea, strategy, and vision will ensure each project is driven towards success and will serve as the defining epitome of the industry.

Our content and entertainment will be for all age groups that belong to the Black community around the globe. The projects will be distributed through digital.

  • Our animation series and movies will focus on toddlers and children. The content will vary for both the genders. For girls, we will come up with empowering animated short story series of young African American females. Whereas, for boys, we will produce the first African American Superhero based series.
  • Our adult film production will specifically be for the 18 plus age group.
  • Our musicals and dance films will likely be rated PG-13 in the US. As the leads in all are in their teens and early twenties, they are likely to attract a younger audience segment. Musicals and dance films are somewhat more popular with women than with men.
  • As romantic comedies and romances, these films target a largely female audience. All films are likely to be rated PG-13. The target for these films is 25+.
  • International Comedies will target the 25+ audience and while comedies appeal both to men and women, Conscious Coupling and A Full Moon Over Mulholland are more likely to draw a female audience.

We will also provide internet-based entertainment for all the growing Black American community.

Black Americans represent a distinctive human group socially defined based on both physical and cultural criteria. Historically, the physical criterion of skin color formed the basis of oppression and stigmatization. For many Americans, cultural characteristics were presumed to have biological roots. However, the reality of black culture includes collective and cumulative adaptation to social stigma, oppression, and racism. To the extent that blacks are perceived as a race, the criteria for culture tend to be ignored. To the extent that blacks are perceived as an ethnic group, the primary cultural criteria are those deriving from the common characteristics associated with their adaptation to an oppressive and stigmatizing environment. Most of the time they have been ignored massively in the entertainment industry as well as on important job roles during employment.

We will launch a production company and talent agency to promote Black Americans. We will take charge of the entire production, marketing, and distribution chain. Our eight different studios will work on a diverse range of entertainment projects for different age groups and requirements. In addition to this, while we will make independent projects for niche segments of Black ethnicity, our focus will remain on entertaining our audience. Our projects will be set in different locations and engaging Black influencers. Our company will be a step forward to remove the ethnicity gap while leading the way for Blacks in the entertainment industry.

The U.S. production industry has a proven ability to produce films that generate hundreds of millions of dollars, including revenues from distribution across secure domestic and international networks. Success in the industry base on creativity and financing and the industry is mostly self-regulated. The U.S. market has a large Black talent pool of writers, actors, producers, directors, and technical experts. It is home to a variety of film crews, postproduction firms, backdrops, and infrastructure to support production. U.S. filmmakers also receive critical protections for their intellectual property.


The Campaign FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • How will the money be used?

Answer: The first 5 million will go to building/ renovation costs, intellectual property rights, working capital, land, equipment and operational expenses, the remaining 10 million will go towards wages, production costs, social media technology advancement, marketing, etc. 




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