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Help us Grow and Give Back to a Sustainable Life

From Seed to Harvest We Make It Easy with Hydroponics

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Project Description

FullCircle26 Inc.'s MISSION

We Offer AgTech Products & Educational Programs for Life Sustainability

How Do We Do It


  • Food Insecurity is Real * Growing across the world and in urban areas * USDA 34 million people including 9 million children experience food insecurity in the United States.
  • New Agriculture Technology (AgTech) products including Hydroponics, Vertical Controlled Environment Urban Farming and other methods are a solution to year-long food access.
  • The Hydroponics market is slated to eclipse $16 Billion by 2025 according, Garden Culture Magazine. USDA adoption of Hydroponics certified farming method in 2018 and organic labeling in 2020 has increased awareness, STEM applications, urban indoor farming.


  • Our OPCOM Hydroponic systems are placed in over 800 schools and in every state in the country. The line consists of table-top models to mass containers for growing plants hydroponically Education, Food and Enterprise.
  • Our FC26I 3D Model of Sustainability supports these efforts with equipment and training programs that focus on customers being able to grow fresh food for their families, communities and enterprises.


  • FullCircle26 Inc. is the North American Distributor for OPCOM Hydroponic Systems and has represented the line since 2018. We are experts at delivering equipment and programs across the nation and Canada.  The company uses a 3PL warehouse for shipping and has grown to over $1M in sales in three years.
  • $1M Gross Sales over $3M with funding primarily through self-funding with double-digit growth


  • The lack of adequate inventory to meet the growing demands from our education and consumer markets has been a challenge due to: Lack of Capital for equipment purchases, shipping and operations.  We have gained two additional national/international Education and Office Distributors that will more than double our revenues in 2023.  We will use the fund toward our new OPCOM equipment purchase arriving Jan. 2023 and the additional shipping, warehouse and operations cost for this project.


Our team consist of all Experts in their fields: Shelley Mathews (CEO/Founder), Jannie Wray (Education Program Development & Leadership), Lisa Mack (Marketing), Gerry Gibson (Administration) and other support teams.



The Campaign FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions:

How many years have FullCircle26 Inc. (FC26I) been in business? The company was established in 2017 as an independent sales broker organization with key client in the school, art and business markets. The company expanded to include North American distribution of OPCOM Hydroponic Systems in 2019.

Who are your current customers? FullCircle26 Inc. top clients are domestic and international powerhouse Education, Office and business distributors. In addition, FC26I customers include direct sales from consumers end-users, educators, community groups and businesses seeking to grow their food.

What is Hydroponics? Growing plants in water. Our OPCOM systems to provide a one-box-solution with everything you need to get started except water and electricity.

Where is your company located? Round Lake, IL with a warehouse in Milwaukee, WI for shipping

Where do you ship your products? We ship OPCOM systems across North America including Canada.

What are your programs? Our 3D Model of Sustainability™ provides access to Education (STEM), Food & Health and Enterprise all through growing plants hydroponically. We development and implement training programs in-person and virtually to schools and customize client programs for social enterprise and new "green" workforce careers.


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