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A healthy popsicle anyone can eat!

Real Frozen Fruit and nothin' but!

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Project Description


  • Every popsicle on the market has sugar and lots of it, either "organic sugar" or juice or fake sugar.    
  • My company, Fressy Bessie Foods, solves the problem because we never add any sweeteners ever.  And so, because it's just fruit (and spinach in one ice lolly) our product is low carb and this allows diabetics and keto folks to eat it.  It is also an easy way to consume fruit.  
  • The frozen treat section is expected to grow 35% by 2025 - healthy treats are expected to grow even more, as the pandemic focused consumers buying habits, towards healthy eating. 
  • I am looking for funding because we need to design new boxes and packaging and we need publicity.  
  • My team is impressive - Lorna Vanderhaeghe - Successful entrepreneur in women’s health, Nancy Carroll A multiple decade award winning CPG Executive and Dean Mosca- Built multi-million-dollar company in the nutritional ingredient industry.  With these three behind me, there is no telling how far this company can go. 
  • I am grateful to the people who show up each day to make my ice lollies.  I am thankful to my husband who helps me whenever I need it and I thank my daughter for giving me the focus I needed to develop and run this company after many years in another career. 


The Campaign FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why did you start this company?

I started my company,  to help parents choose healthy treats for their kids, so they won't always crave sugar. 

Why is reducing sugar so important to you.

- Well we all know that salt in large quantities can be harmful but the reality is that you need some salt in your diet.  The same is not true for sugar.  You don't need it.   Using too much of it, can be harmful to your health.  

What made you decide to bring your daughter up with no sugar in her early years? 

- Well I had a mother who would let me eat what I wanted.  Pie for breakfast?  Needless to say,  I have terrible (but getting better ) eating habits.  I wanted my daughter to be better than that.   Her first years of life she never had sugar.  Each meal started with vegetables then protein.    Now she is 18, she likes to cook and bake bread and she will eat almost everything put in front of her.  She does like sweets but she knows when she has too much.  




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Monetary Contribution

Just Because I Care

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