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Health Bob Beta Launch

Help us launch the Health Bob Beta app.

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Project Description

Health Bob's Mission

  • Patient empowerment through health data ownership and control

  • Prioritizing ease of access to critical data for patient and provider

  • Reducing the burden of maintaining personal health data for patients with chronic conditions and complicated health histories

  • Helping providers succeed in value based contracts

Sarah is a Polar Bear from Edina, Minnesota, with a passion for public health policy.

A former athenahealth end user and EHR Training Associate at Privia Health (a VA based medical group), Sarah saw a need for doctors to communicate more easily with patients, especially when closing Quality Gaps.

Sarah began assembling the team and Boards of Governors and Providers in January, and is excited to see the company grow and develop.

Our goal: Patient reported quality gap closure and patient wearable data sharing for better health outcomes.

Thank you so much!

The Campaign FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why Health Bob?

​Ongoing chronic condition tracking and monitoring for conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, weight gain/loss can be draining for the patient and the care team. 

​Paper diaries can be inaccurate, and rely on the front desk staff at the doctor's office to scan them into the chart appropriately and efficiently.

​I have a bladder condition, and I need to track every time I stretch or use the restroom. I track this on paper, but it is cumbersome. With Your Health Bob, I will be able to track my health activity on my watch or phone and easily share it with my healthcare provider. 

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Monetary Contribution

Just Because I Care

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