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Hallelujah Trends

Hallelujah Trends: a brand for peace, acceptance, equality, unity and salvation.

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Project Description

Hallelujah Trends is committed living unapologetically – awareness and education to the homeless and jailed community of Atlanta, full participation in change -- to inspire a new era of hope, unity, and salvation.

The problem we intent to fix, using this brand as a vessel, is letting people know they are not alone. We predict the long-term potential for this early stage company’s market opportunity as $100 million.

The tools we are using to spread our message of eternal love are:

Hallelujah Trends inspirational paper coasters

Hallelujah Trends Journals – with inspirational message

Hallelujah Trends Pens – with inspirational message

Hallelujah Trends Tee-shirts

Hallelujah Trends stickers

All items come as a bundle with the purchase of a shirt.

Like many small businesses, we have been using the “bootstrapping” method. Alongside scraping together any personal funds we can find. Now that we are thinking “bigger picture” we realize that won’t work at the scale we’d like to make an impact towards change in the communities that need our help the most in Atlanta.

We are seeking funding for this brand to redistribute resources, use our voice for those who have lost the right and inspire hope for the people that may feel forgotten or unworthy in this life of grace. We will use donations to extend our marketing scope and continue weaving together activists, community leaders, jail advocate groups, farmers, healers, and artists to inspire hope. Love yourself, love people and live unapologetically.


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Est. 2015 \\ Clothing Brand for Peace.