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Grimy Goods - A Music Media Platform

An independent music media platform. We connect music lovers with lesser known artists & bands with a focus on Women, BIPOC & LGBTQ.

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Project Description

Grimy Goods is an independent media platform made for music discovery. We connect music lovers and industry professionals with lesser known artists within the indie and underground music communities -- focusing on Women, BIPOC and LGBTQ. Through our editorial and social media content, and live events -- Grimy Goods helps artists get discovered and paid for their work, as well as cross into the mainstream.

Unfortunately, there is a lack of representation for lesser-known and independent music artists in music and traditional media.

For decades the term indie was reserved for white cis male-dominated bands, but since 2008, Grimy Goods has been leading the change to bring more women, more BIPOC and more LGBTQ to the forefront.

With that said, many independent artists who identify as such don't have access to funds to help them tour. They also lack the tools and resources to help market their music. 

While mainstream media and radio continue to favor chart-topping recording artists, the underground music community, especially the most marginalized musicians, continue to struggle to be seen and heard.

Even indie music outlets that once gave the majority of the spotlight to the underground, have transitioned a bulk of their editorial to including popular radio artists that are already making millions.

Grimy Goods has been providing a constant visibility and growth solution for underrepresented artists through offering:

  • Consistent and quality editorial and social media content 
  • Live concert reviews and photography
  • Talent bookings 
  • Custom playlists
  • Marketing tips
  • A GrimyTV Series that features interviews with up-and-coming artists 
  • A Sonic Motherhood series that gives a voice to mothers in music

We also strive to inform our readers on upcoming concerts, music festivals, and we love providing them with plenty of giveaways. Because let’s be real, attending concerts and music festivals is a luxury and it gets expensive real quick. 

What makes Grimy Goods stand out from the rest, is our community. 

From the artists we feature, to the readers that engage with our content and even our entire staff – many of us understand the struggle and support each other as much as possible. 

I’m a first-generation Latina founder. English wasn’t even my first language. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I’d become an editor, let alone a founder and creator of a media platform. 

The Grimy Goods crew is also made up of underrepresented extremely talented individuals who love music! Our team is a majority BIPOC Women, including those not born in the U.S, as well as first-generation Latinas.

Supporting the growth of Grimy Goods means you’re supporting marginalized music artists and creators. It means you’re changing the landscape of popular music and giving more opportunities to struggling artists. 


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