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Dispose used cooking oils at home in an eco-friendly and convenient way! Get rid of that grease the "green" way with Grease Bags!

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Project Description

Grease disposal has been an overlooked problem in our kitchens for years. Not only is it a nuisance to the chefs, but improper grease disposal is a hazard to our environment. Grease Bags solves both problems with a simple and convenient solution: An all natural, oil absorbing, compostable/landfill friendly bag for used cooking oil disposal.

*Greasphoto 1e Bags are great for any oil based liquids including automotive solutions and oil based paints. However, these materials should NOT be composted. Please follow local hazardous waste disposal regulations.

No more leaky mess in the trash!

Grease Bags not only absorb your oil but they encapsulate it, so it will never leak in your trash or in our landfills. They also help reduce waste by eliminating the need to collect grease in containers that can be recycled instead. Even pouring it outside destroys yards and encourages rodents. Naturally occurring microbes in our absorbent and our plant-based compostable bag offer a superior option for grease disposal, making it possible for your used cooking oils and fats to be composted or safely disposed of in our landfills. Even better, it’s easy and convenient!

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Even a little grease down the drain is too much!
Most residents don’t know that pouring a little grease down the drain is too much. They don’t realize that running hot water after the grease or pouring it in the toilet is still unacceptable. When everyone engages in these habits, not only will they cause problems in their own homes, but these clogs can cause sewage backups and overflows that can pollute the water in the community. Cities are spending tons of cash on pipelines replacements due to the negative effects of F.O.G. ( fats, oils, grease). Grease Bags are a simple solution that will bring awareness to the problem, promote better habits, and improve our environment greatly.

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How it works
Grease Bags are simple to use. Simply, open one up and pour your oil in. The heated treated absorbent contains micro- sized cavities that will lock in the oil so that it will never leak again. The naturally occurring microbes turn that oil into earth-friendly hydrocarbons making it possible to compost the oil in large quantities without interfering with the composting process. Our plant-based bag and resealable sticker are completely compostable as well. Throw away is one easy step with no mess! Each standard size Grease Bag can absorb up to 32 oz of oil. We will also be offering our extra large Grease Bags for commercial use and Turkey/ large deep fryers very soon. Each extra large bag absorbs up to 4 gallons of oil!

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Currently, I am still negotiating my deal and I can’t let the momentum of Shark Tank and the buzz about my product fizzle out. I am a go getter so it is my nature to keep things moving and to keep grinding. Until I close my deal I am primarily working on the project alone. I have hired help for certain jobs (i.e. website, photos, video, marketing etc.) However, I now need backing to start my hiring process for a more permanent staff.  The “Shark Tank effect” is real and balancing single Mom and a business alone is not easy. There is so much ground to cover and I have huge plans for this company. I need more hands on deck! I also need as many pre-sales as I can get! I need to prove to my Shark that I am the “Monstapreneur” and that my product solves a major problem! I am getting tons of feedback from consumers worldwide! The Canadian market is a big one. It costs additional money to create alternative labeling. Alternative labeling means a whole new production run, new plates, and more inventory that must be bought upfront. I know Grease Bags will sell worldwide! Orders are shipping very soon! All I need is enough pre-sales and /or capital to keep the wheels turning. With Grease Bags and proper grease disposal, we can help save the planet one bag at a time.

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