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The Glamanner is the worlds best social media content and marketing planner!

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Project Description

Plan. Envision. Execute.

My name is DaVina Smith and I am the founder of Glam Marketing & Consulting. I began this business in 2017, after 10 years of supporting business women enhance their brands. At Glam Marketing & Consulting, I have a team of 2 other women that assist with the step by step processes of our clients needs, such as; graphic design, writing & grammar documents, branding plans and much more.

Glam Marketing & Consulting provides a suite of products and services that will enhance and transform your business brand. Our stellar products and service lines offer marketing tools, organizational development, consulting, metrics and measures. Glam Marketing and Consulting is here to meet the needs of our clients and provide an environment of support for success.

We have consultation packages that have a uniqueness to them; The Glitz, The Glow-Up & The Glamour. All of the packages are available for the business minded entrepreneur woman that need additional assistance with branding her business, keeping track of her business progress, social media management and gaining the knowledge of how to proceed to make her business receive more engagements. If you would like more information on our packages, please take a look at our website designed in house at . 

Our marketing tools have assisted brands with keeping track of their social media pages, brand growth, and tools to keep organized. We have offered a few of the tools as freebies to clients that subscribe to our email list, such as (but not limited to); 30 Day social media posting plan, Social Media Tracker, and also The Glamanner.


The Glamanner

The Glamanner is our current project. This is a monthly planner designed to keep the entrepreneur woman organized with her day to day life as a business owner which comes with:
-Social Media Tracker
-Business Bills Checklist
-Goals Tracker
-Sponsor Ads Tracker
-Contest/Giveaway List
-Username & Password List
-Business Shopping List
-New Networking Contacts
-Vocabulary Words

The Glamanner Cover Page 275 6

Where will the $10,000 funding go?

Creating this campaign is due to limited amount of funding to proceed with our business services. We need to be able to pay for the following:

  • advertise on more than just social media. Newspapers, magazines, stores, and event sponsoring
  • featured ads on websites that have a huge audience, ex: Bloggers
  • the ability to purchase vendor tables at events to sell our products
  • purchasing marketing supplies, such as; business cards, flyers, banner, promotional pens/notepads, & brochures
  • pay for daily sponsor ads on Facebook & Instagram
  • purchase new office supplies; laptop, printer, notepads, pens, white board, post its notes, whole puncher, stapler, Microsoft Office software, computer desk & chair
  • monthly bills for business, such as: website, email, email marketing, internet, website membership for Haute Chocolate & Canva
  • physical copies of The Glamanner printed and bounded for selling (approximately 100 copies to begin)
  • professional photo shoot for marketing & advertising materials
  • createspace & amazon books accounts to sell The Glamanner

Why should you contribute?

With investing in this business you will be helping my team and myself able to succeed and fully pursue our dream of helping and empowering other business minded women. Since the website has been launched, we have received a lot of positive feedback and even business opportunities to be featured and collaborate with other professionals.

We believe in this brand and business so much that I have invested a lot of money into pursuing this dream, as well as completing a lot of research and late nights to make this really happen. I know a lot of women need the additional help and support with becoming entrepreneurs and I am willing, ready and have enough resources to do that.

We appreciate & value your time and have faith that there is someone out there willing to help with the necessities needed for us to succeed.

Thank you!

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