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Girl Goes Art

Disrupting the African stereotype of a woman through Art, photography and street fashion.

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Project Description

The Mission.

N_cole  strives to empower a community of young female artist giving them a platform to express themselves and change the way African communities perceive female artist.


The problem.

In Africa, young artist especially girls are underrepresented, not given the recognition needed. Due to the African stereotype of what an African woman should be, female artist, graphic designers, photographers and freelancers are being hindered by the community in striving in the art sector, thereby not allowing lots to girls to express their creativity.


The solution.

We understand the problem and have gotten solution for it. Being Africans we understand what it feels like to be of the female gender living in Africa. Art have paved way in Africa but even with that, there aren't enough platforms available for girls. With the help of the new street wear brand by N_cole, a new clothing line would be launched " She Goes Art". This will be an avenue for female artist, fashion designers, street artist and freelancers to work together, and not only that but also providing a means of employment for individuals.

We would like to thank everyone in advance for their contribution and we  greatly appreciate each and everyone of you.


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