GeldCoin offers retailers a new way to process and accept transactions and is based on a BitCoin platform

Ericka Tech
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Project Description

We are looking to build out software that will allow us to aid high-risk retailers in securing their point of sale and also provide backoffice assistance to the small business owner. By being able to harness the effectiveness of BitCoin as a transfer market we can significantly reduce cash loss and security concerns that these business owners face on a daily basis. We are seeking funding to help with the initial cost of software development and to further marketing/advertising efforts to reach the high-risk retailers.
Once a store has fully implemented our software they will be able to accept credit card/debit card payments at the register, manage inventory, calculate employee hours/pay and also have access to full back office software. The back-office portion will help them become more efficient in handling their inventory, managing business needs, tracking sales, as well as helping with employee management.

By using BitCoin the store is able to accept credit/debit card payments from customers whereas the majority of stores are only able to accept cash payments. Due to being a cash-rich business there are inherent challenges with security threats, inventory tracking, money tracking and the potential to lose customers who do not carry cash.