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Support a real Hidden Figure! geeRemit is a mobile app for reduced-cost global money transfers, using blockchain technology.

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Project Description

I am Dr. Sandra K. Johnson, and I am an actual “Hidden Figure”. A “Hidden Figure” is someone who works in a STEM discipline, but is grossly underrepresented. Their contribution is significant and impactful; however, many do not know they exist. I am: 

  • one of the first African-American women to earn a Ph.D. in electrical engineering
  • a Master Inventor with over 40 issued and pending patents
  • the first African-American woman Fellow of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (a professional organization)
  • the first African-American woman to reach a technical leadership position at IBM
  • the first African-American woman to be elected into the prestigious IBM Academy of Technology
  • part of the team that developed the prototype for Deep Blue, IBM’s world-famous chess machine
  • excited about having recently met Dr. Christine Darden, one of the four (4) women profiled in the book, Hidden Figures; it turns out I used the work she did in computational fluid dynamics (CFD) in my Ph.D. thesis research, so we have a common historical bond

dr. sandra johnson ibm

I have over 35 years of world-class technology experience, having worked for IBM for nearly 26 years before founding my own technology company. I have a passion for technology. It is something I live and breathe every day. It’s an integral part of who I am. I also have a passion for finding ways to leverage technology to enable a better life for us humans.

Hidden Figures-Christine and Sandra 1

Dr. Christine Darden, one of the four (4) women profiled in the book, Hidden Figures


What is blockchain

Many people in developing countries have difficulty making ends meet. They rely on family members and friends in the west to send money back home. These family members face high transfer fees, concerns about security and problems just getting to the money transfer facility. geeRemit is a mobile global remittance app that offers reduced cost, world-class security based on a game-changing blockchain technology, and mobile-to-mobile transactions. It is a $444B global market. Our initial focus is sub-Saharan Africa; a $34B opportunity, a place where mobile money is an integral part of every-day society, and an opportunity for the most significant reduction in transaction fees.

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How Blockchain Works


What is blockchain- (2)

SKJ Visioneering, LLC is a technology development, consulting and services company. We develop exciting new mobile apps, based upon innovative technologies. We also provide consulting and training in cybersecurity, cloud computing and other areas of focus. We are all about advancing the world of technology to improve lives. The development and future offering of geeRemit in the marketplace is a significant part of this effort.

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I am a hidden figure, a seasoned technology professional that has made her mark in this world. I’m a Master Inventor, with over 40 issued and pending patents. I literally wrote the book on certain aspects of technology. I also have a passion for helping people, so it is natural for me to leverage technology for this purpose. I spent 3 years living in the Middle East (Dubai) and Africa (Nairobi, Kenya), traveling to over 20 countries in this region, so I know first-hand about the challenges of those living in developing countries. I was the IBM Chief Technology Officer for Central, East and West Africa. I loved it! I have contacts with the mobile money technology influencers and decision makers, so I am uniquely qualified to make this mobile app, geeRemit, happen now!


This is an opportunity to fund work done by an historical hidden figure! It enables her to go to the next level, seeding a great new FinTech to make a difference in the lives of billions throughout the world. We are raising money on iFundwomen to progress the development of the this fabulous mobile app prototype, geeRemit. I ask you for your support in this exciting endeavor and I thank you for your contribution!

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