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Funding for my dream art business

Seeking funding to expand my inventory and advertising in order to get out into various markets.

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Project Description

Upswing Artworks is a private studio providing unique items with a personal touch from jewelry & art to custom t-shirts by sublimation and heat pressed vinyl. I offer a range of products because I believe in personal expression, both my own, and bringing someone else's idea to life. I give customers an opportunity to customize their products as many are made to order. In the future I hope to offer other artists a chance to put their designs on my products as well.

 In 2020, the global custom tshirt printing market size was estimated at 3.6 billion usd as people need custom shirts for a huge range of events like work uniforms, sports uniforms, event/concert t-shirts, personal gifts and more.

I expect bulk t-shirt orders to be a large source of my income while I work on new projects to get out into the market and learn what customers like.

I am fully functioning already and currently sell as stated above; heat pressed vinyl and sublimated clothing, acrylic paintings, resin art, laser engraved items, jewelry and am constantly looking for new items I can create.

 My goals for the future of my business include modifying my retro camper van to provide mobile services at select markets such as farmers markets and festivals. I want to be able to do charitable work with my profits in the future as well. As I am currently home based, I would like to expand into a workshop and storefront once I have a consistent customer base. I intend for my store to have a local artist section to showcase and sell work by others.

Right now funds raised will go to the low running costs, expanding my inventory, and advertising campaigns to get my name out there.

Upswing Artworks is run by me and myself only, My name is Kara Bjornson, I am 25 years old and I have always wanted to run my own business so when I had the funds I took the opportunity and registered in June 2021. I have never been happy working for others and have always wanted more. I appreciate this opportunity and all funders so much. Thank you


I have never done this before so I am not sure what type of rewards to offer, I am open to suggestions! I'd be happy to make custom items.



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