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Project Description

About AIFI

The American Institute of Financial Intelligence (AIFI), originated at a breakfast table by two professors, Cindy Yu and Hong Zhang, with the intention to educate children on financial literacy. Their first publication, Financial Intelligence for Parents and Children, evolved into the FIFPAC for professionals and consumer financial education book series, online and offline programs, and alternative credit profiling. Here are some highlights about AIFI:

  • The Institute provides financial education and services with its training and certification programs.
  • The goal is to build a financial education information ecosystem to cultivate one’s sound financial judgement and behavior starting from children and parents.
  • The programs provide extensive and important financial literacy knowledge and services to the financial services industry, non-profit organizations and schools to train professionals, financial literacy educators, lending industry customers, college students and K-12 students.

AIFI FQTube™ Expansion Plan

AIFI wants to provide more education programs to children and women for its FQTube™ channel by soliciting your support. We plan to produce 70 videos with 9 already completed and consolidate all other videos with subject on financial literacy education. In the next 6 months, we want to produce another 7 -10  with your support.

Build upon AIFI FQ Standards, AIFI has been investing in a free video education channel to cover the 7 subjects of financial literacy education.


You can find the demo in the video, on the website http://fifpac.com/fq-tube/, or the FIFPAC YouTube channel (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3cicsILsmtF1X7QpO4R1LA or simply search FIFPAC on YouTube). Here is an introduction to AIFI’s education platform.

What are AIFI FQ Standards?


AIFI FQ standards are an extensive set of comprehensive and age-based FQ aptitudes and learning targets. It encompasses the National Standards, Educational Experiences, Professional and Personal Experiences.

It has 4 levels. Level-1 is designed for the kindergartners. Level-2 sets up learning goals for the elementary students.  Level-3 is geared to the middle-schoolers.  Level 4 is appropriate for young adults and mature people.

The AIFI FQ Standards are supported by education curriculum, textbooks, tests and certificates. It will also be the guiding principles for the upcoming video education game.

What does the AIFI Financial Literacy Platform offer?

crowdfunding 4AIFI delivers the financial literacy contents via videos, books, articles, and social media contents to help the public be aware of financial literacy issues in their leisure time based on standards set by the experts in the field.

Learning platform: AIFI offers online and offline learning platforms that provide interactive learning experiences through traditional education and modern technology.

Certificates: AIFI can award FINRA listed investor education certificates – CFEPTM (Certified Financial Education Professional) and CinFLTM (Certified in Financial Literacy) to qualified people. It is ideal for professional financial crowdfunding 3education and financial services individuals.

Analytics: With its patterned model and analytical ability, AIFI will use big data to dig into the student profiles and financial attitudes and analyze them for targeted marketing and personalized service.

The AIFI FQ Platform offers an integrated yet diverse approach to improve people’s financial literacy level. It includes

Textbooks: AIFI is licensed to use the entire series of FQ-MBA books ranging from pre-K to 12 and covering subjects such as spending, career and income, credit and debt, investing, risk and protection, financial planning, leadership, etc.

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Learning platform: AIFI has built an interactive platform that can accommodate thousands of students studying simultaneously.

Analytics: AIFI is building a massive student database, with their financial l literacy levels and their financial attitudes. This platform will help the financial services industry to understand and serve their customers better.

FQTube™: AIFI developed a series of cartoon video on financial literacy and distributed them through YouTube, online micro course, Facebook, WeChat, etc.

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Upcoming Education Video Game:  AIFI is developing more education programs to provide experience-based education to its students. Captum

The World Needs AIFI’s FQ Programs

Market size: The population for ages between 15 and 24 is 44 million in US and 182 million in China. Every year, there are 4 million and 18 million babies born in these two countries respectively. Assume an average of $100 spent on obtaining financial literacy, the market sizes are $4.4 billion and $18 billion respectively with a large number of new customers entering continuously.

Market entering: We will start with the US, then expand to China, then other English-speaking countries and beyond.

Market forecast: In three years, we expect to reach 150k users in the US, 1 million in China, and 50k in other English-speaking countries.

Meet the AIFI Team


A dynamic team with talent from Ivy League and other colleges, ranging from recent graduates to Phd college professors.

Cindy Yu, CPA, CFP, MBA, MS, is the founder. She is an adjunct professor at Fairleigh Dickinson University where she teaches graduate students at the Silberman College of Business. She held several risk management positions at American Express and Citigroup. Cindy is the author of more than sixteen books related to financial intelligence and financial education.

Hong Zhang, Ph.D., is the President. He is an associate professor at Rowan University with more than fifteen years of teaching experience including the academic disciplines of STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics). Hong is the author of many financial education books and articles.

Anthony Santullo, MBA, EA, is the editor-in-chief and CFO. He earned a bachelor’s degree in economics from Princeton University and an MBA degree in finance from Seton Hall University. He has over 30 years of experience in corporate financial planning, reporting and analysis. His career includes financial management positions at Barclays, Dun & Bradstreet and New York Life. He has written income tax articles for the Enrolled Agents Journal.

Contact Info:

Cindy Yu/ Dr. Hong Zhang

Email: info@fifpac.com

Phone: 1-848-229-1678

Address: American Institute of Financial Intelligence, 200 Centennial Ave, Suite 106, Piscataway, NJ 08854, USA