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FIT & NU - Health Club for Women of Color

A safe and inclusive space for busy women who want to HEAL • THY • HABITS.

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Project Description


OUR MISSION is to help busy women of color improve their health, ease their minds and influence their families and communities to live well through functional FITness training, NUtrition coaching and social emotional support.

OUR VISION is to serve and save the most women of color in the nation by revolutionizing wellness and social emotional spaces for women of color.

Photo by Blake Jackson

Boutique fitness studios are popping up all over the place but none of them really take a keen interest in making a big impact in the health and wellness of women of color.  Black, Latina, Asian, Pacific Islander and Native American women are under-represented in the wellness world as being "fit", "healthy" or "in-shape". The problem is the wellness industry is "white".



With the global pandemic and America's long overdue awakening on systematic racism, there is no better time than now to support the diverse group that will be the majority of all women in the United States by 2060. 

Women shape their families, which shape communities who lead nations that eventually change the world.


FIT & NU studio in Aurora, CO
Photo by : Blake Jackson


At this time, both public health crisis are hitting Black and Latina women hard.  Between unemployment, working on the front lines, closure of small businesses and caregiving; mental health and access to food and the essentials (like staying active) is on a decline.

There are women out there who desire to be directed on a path to good health but are unsure of where they can find a safe space that would make them feel welcome, how to begin healing their habits or the best way to sustain a new routine. As difficult as it is to be vulnerable, for the sake of our health, now is a good time for us to connect and feed off of shared family or cultural experiences. Practicing such vulnerability does not have to be expensive or hard to find. FIT & NU has designed an approach that is accessible to all.


COVID-19 and Women of Color


FIT & NU is Colorado's first FITness and NUtrition club for women of color. Our approach is habit-based and we work hard to adjust the lens of health and wellbeing towards balance instead of extreme dieting and restrictions. We really just want to meet each woman where she is.

Imagine the pressure of sticking to a new diet that likely leads to food restrictions, which brings on a cheat day...and then eventually just giving up. Our coaching style helps take the pressure OFF so that getting healthy can be more about a colorful eating style, a workout routine that’s designed for your body type, healthy experiences with other women on a similar journey - and lastly, habits that last a lifetime.


NU Coach Joslyn at FIT & NU



We are not seeing ourselves in wellness spaces, so we created one. The ultimate goal is to franchise FIT & NU and open boutique hybrid studio locations in culturally dense areas (like Atlanta, Dallas, Brooklyn, Washington D.C.). Our hope is to develop a FIT & NU wellness coaching certification program that will allow us to grow our own team of coaches and empower other women, like ourselves, to get into the business of helping women of color "heal thy habits". This mission is what will help us accomplish our ultimate vision of "serving and saving the most women of color in the nation".

As a response to COVID-19 and the impact it has had on us, as small business owners and the women of color we serve, we are building a virtual experience where women all over the world can access culturally responsive fitness training and health coaching from the comfort of their home that is aligned with their personal goals and supported by a certified FIT and NU(trition) Coach.


  • LIVE workouts with your FIT Coach that displays heart rate, calories and intensity on the screen
  • Virtual classes (like yoga, dance, bootcamp), group messaging, cooking classes or live conversations hosted online
  • Personal NUtrition Coaching with video check-ins from your Coach
  • Guided meditations and on-demand workouts
  • Goal tracking for food, fitness, sleep and stress management
  • Celebrate your success with other members via the app



Founders, Joslyn Reese (Head NUtrition Coach) and Brittney Rae Reese (Head FIT Coach) are sisters who teamed up to change the wellness game for women of color in Colorado as natives.

March of 2015, just two years after embarking on a life-changing backpacking trip through Central America, the sister's were on individual pursuits to create healthy habits of their own. Joslyn's love for nutrition began with juicing. As Head NUtrition Coach, Joslyn takes a (w)holistic approach by exploring simple ways on how to heal one's relationship with food. Head FITness Coach, Brittney Rae remixed her love for dance and Functional FITness to create high-energy, body and behavior changing workouts that build strength, burn fat and empower the mind to believe "you CAN do this".

Founders/Sister Joslyn and Brittney Reese
Photo by: Blake Jackson


Your support is life-saving. THANK YOU!


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