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First Bubble Tea Shop Virgin Islands

My goal is to purchase a trailer to start the first bubble tea shop in the Virgin Islands.

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Project Description

My mission is to bring bubble tea to the Virgin Islands. Not just because it tastes really good, (even though that is most certainly a huge reason,) but because I want it to be me. And I say that because, all too often here in the Virgin Islands, non-local business owners capitalize on introducing a new concept here and open businesses here and thrive. No problem! But I, as a 20 year old, local, black woman, want to bring something new to my community in a way I feel only someone who knows it like the back of her hand like I do can. I think this is the perfect opportunity to introduce something new to my people, at a time where tourism is low and I can realize ly focus on nurturing the people, the community who raised me and in my own small way, contribute to a stronger local kinship.

I am seeking funding to build out my spot. I have been fortunate enough to secure a spot where I truly love and feel as if it will be the perfect launching point for my business. My goal is to create a space that is comfortable, laid back, and cute. In addition, I want to open up the place for events, such as poetry nights, open mic nights, and the like, as well as allowing other local businesses with no physical locations to do pop up shops occasionally.

 I want to empower as many young, local, black, potential entrepreneurs to know who that they can execute their vision too, even when it seems too big.

I truly appreciate anyone who supports me in this endeavor, more than I can express. Thank you so much, from the bottom of my heart, in advance.



The Campaign FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions:

·         Are you sure now, during this pandemic, is a good time to start this business? Absolutely! In fact, I think mobile food businesses are the future. Since I am planning to open a concession trailer, I can focus on making sure my product is of very high quality, and my customers feel valued.

·         Are you a little too young to be opening a business in the food and beverage industry? Are you sure you are up to the task? Without a shadow of a doubt, I am up to the task. I remember when I was working at a restaurant, and discovered my love of the service industry. I love working with people, and because of my five years of accounting experience working under my brilliant CPA mother, I know many of the ins and outs of running a business too. Added to that, I have her drive.

·         How do you know people will be interested in bubble tea in the Virgin Islands? Quite simply, I don’t. However, many people have talked to me and expressed interest after having seen my posts, and are excited to try it, and others who have migrated from different parts of the world have told me how much they love bubble tea and how excited they are to see it coming to the Virgin Islands.

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Just Because I Care

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Just Because I Care

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