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Financial Coaching for Human Trafficking Survivors

Help entrepreneurs who identify as survivors of human trafficking obtain their business goals through financial coaching and tax compliance!

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Project Description

Globally, 80% of human trafficking survivors experience re-trafficking due to a lack of employment opportunities caused by factors such as: limited work experience, lack of references, and criminal records (those who were forced to engage in illegal activities).

Entrepreneurship provides a gateway for survivors to gain financial stability and independence by creating alternative income streams and employment opportunities. However, survivors can be re-victimized when powerful outlets steal ownership of the entrepreneurs' work, do not compensate, or take advantage of them by using their stories, talents and lived experience. This form of re-victimization creates a gap in the protection of survivors of human trafficking during their healing and entrepreneurial pursuits.

Supporting Human Trafficking Survivors

MiCreate addresses the economic barriers and re-victimization vulnerability through its Roadmap to Business Program by connecting survivors to entertainment legal advocates, business coaching, financial literacy knowledge and industry mentorship opportunities. 

Roadmap to Business plan
MiCreate's Roadmap to Business coaching plan for survivors interested in pursuing entrepreneurship

Through MiCreate's Roadmap to Business Program, survivors incubate, incorporate, and accelerate businesses at no cost to them. They also learn how to manage and grow a business through credit building and financial literacy services.

True Alliance Tax logo
True Alliance Tax


In partnership with True Alliance Tax, a fellow black, female-owned small business, MiCreate will offer survivor entrepreneurs one year of free financial and tax services! The suite of services include:

  • Ongoing financial coaching
  • Tax preparation
  • Tax compliance and obligation services
  • Accounting and payroll setup and support

This funding will further each survivor's entrepreneurial journey towards forming thriving businesses that will lessen their chance of re-victimization and increase their independence through financial stability. This funding covers $167 worth of services per month for up to 50 survivors


Meet Davina, President + Founder of MiCreate

MiCreate Founder
Davina, President + Founder of MiCreate


Davina is an attorney with a diverse portfolio focused on human rights issues involving special juvenile victims, domestic violence, human trafficking, sexual violence, gender perspectives in times of conflict, and technology’s impact on human rights law.

Prior to her legal career, Davina obtained two Bachelor of Arts degrees from the University of Texas at Austin in Theater and English. Her studies were centered on acting, directing, playwriting, and literature. During her free time Davina writes and travels - to date, she has travelled to over 40 countries.


Meet Daphne, CEO of True Alliance Tax

True Alliance Tax CEO
Daphne, Founder + CEO of True Alliance Tax

Daphne has 25+ years in the tax and financial industries that have equipped her with a diverse background to
serve individuals, families, and businesses with a wide range of financial needs.

After earning her Bachelor’s Degree in Finance, Daphne worked in various roles as a state tax auditor, investment advisor, and seasonal tax expert. After earning her E.A. (Enrolled Agent) certification, she now specializes in tax and accounting strategies as a multi-state licensed life, health and Medicare insurance agent. During her free time, Daphne enjoys travel, reading, and spending time with her family.

Please join us in supporting entrepreneurs who identify as human trafficking survivors through MiCreate’s collaboration with True Alliance Tax. We are infinitely grateful for any support you can give. 


The Campaign FAQs


  • Who is MiCreate?
    • MiCreate is a black female owned nonprofit organization that supports the entrepreneurial pursuits of survivors of human trafficking as a form of advocacy, stability, and Independence.


  • Are donations and funds tax-exempt?
    • Yes, since all donations and funds go directly to MiCreate.


  • Who is True Alliance Tax?
    • TAT is a black female owned business that provides high quality comprehensive accounting and tax services. TAT is a financial partner to those managing rental properties, filing a Schedule C, balancing investments, running a business, struggling with tax debt, figuring out taxes in the gig economy, navigating Medicare, shopping for insurance, or simply needing to file taxes. 


  • What services does TAT offer?
    • Tax preparation & compliance
    • Tax debt resolution
    • Accounting
    • Bookkeeping
    • Business advisory services
    • Entity formation
    • Side hustles
    • Tax planning
    • IRS communications
    • Personal financial review
    • Insurance services (life, health, and Medicare)
    • Other tax and accounting services


  • What programs does MiCreate offer survivors of human trafficking?
    • Roadmap to Business (R2B)
      • Through incubating, incorporating, and accelerating a business, MiCreate assists human trafficking survivors with free training on how to form and manage businesses or social enterprises. During a 6 month timeframe, participants are guided by financial, marketing, and legal experts (MiCreate partners) while receiving guidance on ways to integrate anti-human trafficking advocacy into their business services and products, if they would like to do so. Partners include graphic designers for logo design and brand development; business consultants for pricing and marketing strategy, business plan creation, and program management; content managers for marketing materials creation; financial coaching to build personal and business credit, tax compliance, and financial coaching for financial literacy; and mentorship opportunities for personal development and industry knowledge. 
    • Youth Entrepreneurship Program (YEP)
      • Through work-readiness, entrepreneurship, or apprenticeship workshops, youth ages 16-24 at-risk of being trafficked are provided the tools they need to find jobs or pursue entrepreneurship as a preventative measure. During the first six weeks, program youth engage in group sessions to prepare for job opportunities, creating a micro-business, or entering a trade, after which they obtain a certificate of completion. During the last 6 weeks, program youth engage in full-time hands-on paid training through employment or internships. 


  • What other programs does MiCreate offer?
    • Fiscal Sponsorship (sponsorship fees associated) 
      • As a nonprofit, MiCreate is proud to act as a fiscal sponsor to obtain funds, donations, and grants on behalf of individuals and community groups who are not incorporated but engage in advocacy and other impactful work.
        • Fiscal sponsorship refers to the practice of non-profit organizations offering their legal and tax-exempt status to groups—typically projects—engaged in activities related to the sponsoring organization's mission. 
      •  Corporate Trainings (training fees associated)
        • In partnership with those with lived experience expertise, MiCreate provides trauma-informed trainings to corporate entities and law firms on the following:
          •  including anti-human trafficking and a trauma-informed lens into corporate policies
          • working with clients through a trauma-informed lens
          • creating a work environment that eliminates vulnerabilities to human trafficking 


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