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Transcend The Trail With Us!

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Project Description

Have you ever had a friend ask if you’ve seen a certain natural feature on a trail near your hometown, or if you knew where such and such a place got its name? Maybe you've heard them talking about this amazing place they visited and what they experienced there, but were never really able to find that place on your own. I have experienced all of the above.  It can be frustrating and discouraging.  But, it doesn’t have to be.  You will no longer be getting lost, missing out, be left wondering, have to turn back, or break the bank paying for a guide.

Explore Galore is a free downloadable app that helps individuals and agencies create fun, informative, and educational audio tours recorded by professional voice actors. GPS recognizes where you are on the trail and prompts the next audio clip.  It also uses QR codes on trail markers that can prompt content.  We want to create trails all over the world, in every community, and encourage people to get out and explore the world around them.

Explore Galore will have two main functions.  First, the official guided tours will be available to connect people to the world around them.  But, we will also connect people by creating a community of users that can build their own pacing guides, act as virtual hiking partners, and obtain subscriptions and followers if desired.  

A Freedom to Operate search reveals no conflicts or restrictions allowing us to proceed with development and operation. This allows us access to 118 million hikers worldwide; 49 million in the U.S. alone.  Furthermore, trail contributors will be able to earn a % of every download on the official tours they help create.  

The problem we’re working through right now is funding.  We are in the process of obtaining a business loan to further the app development and get the ball rolling.  I have been in contact with multiple companies ranked as the top 10 app development companies of 2021 including Appventiv, Hyperlink Infosystems, Grey Chain, and Algoworks.

The idea is simple.  The app will be simple and easy to use and this service is not available anywhere else.  You want to hike the Appalachian Trail and learn about everything along the way, but there’s no audio tour yet?  That’s ridiculous!  Explore Galore audio tours will be everywhere you want to go and others will be sharing their trail experiences for those that choose to subscribe to the additional material.  

Explore Galore will be like the Peloton of the hiking community.  You can learn things for the first time that you would never know going alone, or we can be your built-in fitness tracker, fitness guide, and virtual hiking partner for an enhanced experience. 

The trails and history already exist. With outdoor recreation on the rise and people wanting more information, we need Explore Galore to provide this quality service that no one else is providing.  Everyone needs a hiking partner, whether for education, entertainment or just encouragement. Explore Galore can provide all three.

We collaborate by working with businesses, agencies,  and individual experts to guarantee quality tours. Through well planned and creative initiatives we can further our reach quickly while promoting community service.  Finally, with the expertise and ongoing support of esteemed app designers, we can provide the most comprehensive audio tour app on the market.   

Our mission is to help create a world where people seek a greater understanding of one another and the value of life by encouraging people to explore the diversity of the world, learn, and develop an appreciation through understanding, compassion, and connection. In order to fulfill this mission, we need funding for the app development.

We are currently in discussions with Utah State Parks, Bureau of Land Management, USFS, Vernal City, Daggett County and Uintah County to develop audio tours for the Northeastern Region of Utah. We collaborate with local companies such as Jet Blast Designs, V6 Media, Ducimus Digital Marketing, N'Stitches, and Ethics Pro Accounting. Furthermore, we have been in contact with representatives from multiple mapping software companies and Mr. Brant Pinvidic, author of "The 3 Minute Rule" who has been very helpful in supporting our vision. Brant has been a great resource and support to continue in our endeavor and we need your help. Transcend The Trail with us!


The Campaign FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is Explore Galore a nonprofit? 

No, Explore Galore is an LLC with a great focus on serving others, the community, and learning how to appreciate and value diversity.  

Who will design the audio tours? 

The audio tours for the Explore Galore App will be a collaboration among experts in the region where the trails exist.  Local agencies or individuals can contribute their knowledge and all contributors and resources will be recognized.  We also intend to institute a nationwide project based learning initiative to enlist students in research and design.  

Can you earn money by helping Explore Galore? 

Yes, once we are up and running agencies or individuals can earn a % of every download of the trail they helped create.  Think if it as a permanent fundraiser or source of income.  



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