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Ethnik apparel

Paying homage to Southern African American Culture

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Project Description


Eth'nik apparel pays homage to the beauty, impact and heritage of African-American culture of the South. To publicly validate ethnicity as a vessel for good and capture its essence in our apparel is a method we use to heal racial trauma.


  • Southern African American culture has played a huge foundational role in  African American culture and American culture at large.  We can reach cross-generational,  cross-socio economic clients with a product that they can proudly wear as a symbol of ethnicity and heritage.
  •  Eth'nik apparel and designs reflect and celebrate Southern African-American culture, language, colloquialisms, heritage, food and personality, thereby honoring its tradition and contribution to American culture.  The apparel line will also link  clients to educational material on African-American heritage.  
  • I am seeking funding to shore up resources for photography, social media, web presence marketing and graphic design collaboration to promote the apparel line to a broader audience.
  •  Myself and the Eth'nik team want to thank you for your support. Please know that 10% of our campaign will be used to fund our affiliate non-profit annual Teen Girls Summit and First Year Transition Scholarships 


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Frequently Asked Questions:

What is this?

An apparel line that pays homage to African-American culture of the South. It's our way to promote healing of racial trauma and a way to continue to educate our clients about the strong heritage and contributions to mainstream American culture. 




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