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Essence Studioz & E-Arts Foundation

In support of the expansion of inner-city arts education

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Project Description

Essence Studioz' dance program is specifically but not limited to Paterson’s youth. Essence Studioz mission is to provide our youth with an outlet for emotional/self expression,  creativity, confidence and the importance of community. Essence Studioz strives to provide both recreational and vigorous dance training at affordable/scholarship based rates. At Essence Studioz, inclusivity of students of all levels and backgrounds is essential. We strive to provide our students with more than just dance classes, but a unique dance experience in which the student can grow as a dancer and a person is essential. We look to give all of our students the proper environment to learn dance with smaller class sizes, personalized lesson plans and one-on-one instruction by our highly qualified staff. 

  E-Arts Foundation is a branch of our studio, it is a non-profit organization that supports the expansion and availability of art programs in inner cities. Essence Studioz and E-Arts Foundation serves 35 inner city/minority students with dance education. In addition to 2 students who are completely funded by our scholarship program and are able to not only pursue dance but pursue dance on the competitive/national level. Essence Studioz and E-Arts Foundation have also supplied multiple students with scholarships to continue their arts education on the collegiate level. 

Due to the demographic we serve we have difficulty keeping up with the demands of our students. Therefore,  we will be using these funds to help support the costs of our operations, including supplies, rental of  our facility, highly educated staff and the expansion of our scholarship programs. 



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  • If you have questions about our program please visit our website or email us [email protected]



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