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Entertainment Venue

Seeking location for an entertainment venue with concession stand, games hosting, pop up markets, dancing, community gatherings, live music

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Campaign Ends on July 31, 2023

Project Description

  • To create a fun environment in the community and generate revenue and exposure for local artists, musicians, crafters and performers
  • I am seeking funding to secure a location for operations 
  • Venue will be diverse and inclusive for all
  • Funding will be used to purchase land and to build structure for operations 
  • Family operated and will provide employment within the community 
  • Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to expand my dream of bringing fun, safe events to the community 



The Campaign FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

What entertainment will you provide at your venue?

Entertainment will include live music by local bands, game hosting (music bingo, trivia nights), movie nights, dance troupe performances, magic shows, karaoke, comedy acts.

Why would I want to donate to your business?

You will be assisting a family in realizing a life long dream! It has been a goal of mine to open such a venue for quite some time. As a mother myself I have sought out entertainment for my family in a safe, inclusive environment that was affordable and easy to access that provided myself and my children fun. I would like to provide others with the access of making memories with their loved ones, family and friends. As an artist I have also sought out venues to display my work within the community for revenue and exposure and I recognize the need for this space I will provide for others who are seeking this.


Will you have special events for holidays?

This is definitely something I am excited for! I would like to host holiday fun. At Halloween -- a haunted trail, pumpkin carving contest and trick or treating, at Christmas -- a light trail, winter wonderland, bonfire, hot chocolate gathering. Fourth of July parade, spring egg hunts and nature shows, and various other holiday entertainment and fun.




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Just Because I Care

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